Thursday, November 26, 2020
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CFMG chairman asks Naga outfits to stop new recruitment

cfmg chairman

‘Govt will not rehabilitate new recruits’

Kohima, December 2: Union Government’s representative to oversee the implementation of ceasefire ground rules in Nagaland on Monday cautioned of backlash in the aftermath of solution if Naga militant groups do not stop new recruitment.
Interacting with the media today, chairman of the Cease Fire Monitoring Group (CFMG), Lt Gen (Retd) Shokin Chouhan asked Naga national groups to desist from recruiting Naga youths while also requesting Naga people not to send their children for recruitment in any of the groups.
The chairman’s reaction comes following the alleged forceful recruitment of young Nagas into different factions of the Naga national groups with the latest being the Assam Rifles reported rescue of 32 youths on November 24 last in Tizit under Mon district of Nagaland.
With the solution to the vexed Naga political issue close, there have been reports the Naga groups are recruiting young Nagas with hopes for getting jobs post solution. Videos are also widely circulated on social media of new recruitment but the Naga groups claims the youths are joining them voluntarily.
Asking Naga outfits to stop any new recruitment, Gen. Shokin cautioned that it would be counter-productive post solution as the Union Government will carry out screening and verification of cadres before the process of rehabilitation. He said security forces and the Government knows what is going on in the camps of outfits and that all such activities should be stopped forthwith so as to avoid unpleasant situation after the solution.
Gen. Chauhan said recruiting new cadres into the groups will be counterproductive because the young one’s joining will be with the expectation of getting job post solution. He cautioned the outfits not to recruit anymore because the same children they are recruiting today will turn against them as the Government will not be able to provide them jobs post solution.
As per the ground rules, the CFMG can do nothing on the new recruitment as there have been no complaints from any of the parents. He also added though the actual strength of the Naga groups is not being revealed, the security forces have all the records. There is laid down standard process to conduct verification of cadres, he added.
The CFMG chairman also refrained from answering question regarding the involvement of Naga national groups in other states like Manipur and Arunachal, saying he is assigned to look after the state of Nagaland only.
Lt Gen Chouhan further said that the Naga national groups have been allotted 14 designated camps, but with the factions opening camps beyond the permitted camps they have been asked to move back to the designated camps.
NSCN (IM) has 9 designated camps, NSCN (Kitovi) has three and NSCN (Reformation) and NSCN-K (Khongo) has one each, he said, while making it clear that they cannot set up camps beyond the designated camps.
They have been asking for more designated camps but those have not been accepted, he said.
On the number of undesignated camps, he said it is up to the State Government and security forces to close it down.
We should all adhere to laid down rules, he said, adding nowhere in the cease fire ground rules permits them to function beyond the designated camps.
The ground rules have to be strictly adhered to, he affirmed.
On the closure of offices and messes of Naga groups, the CFMG chairman said he is enforcing what is laid down in the truce agreement. He said CFMG office is determined to implement the ground rules with the NSCN factions in totality so that untoward incidents and situation do not occur. The General said he is responsible to implement ground rules in Nagaland. (Page News Service)