Saturday, April 17, 2021

CFC Nagaland conducts “Marriage Enrichment Retreat 1”


Kohima, February 22: Couples For Christ Nagaland has conducted “Marriage Enrichment Retreat 1” at St. Xavier Church, Jalukie from February 21 to 22 last with Rev. Fr. Jaison, rector, St. Xavier Seminary as the main celebrant and Rev. Fr. George Anthony Parish Priest St. Xavier Parish Jalukie as co-celebrant for the Holy Mass.
During the Mass, the couples renewed their marriage vows and offer to God their action plans.
Mengukhrietuo Marcus, CFC India Family Ministry Head, Cluster Head and State Coordinator CFC Nagaland, recap the Covenant Orientation (CO) which focuses on the most basic elements of the covenant in CFC.
The Covenant Orientation (CO) is part of the first year formation program for all CFC members. It is a required course for all CFC members. The main goals of the course includes; to expound on the meaning and importance of our covenant in CFC, to expound on the more basic elements of this covenant, to deepen the commitment of CFC members to their life and calling in CFC.
In response to the need for a better understanding and appreciation of God’s plan for marriage and family life, the Marriage Enrichment Retreat was evolved and is a part of the program of Couples For Christ.
The speakers of the programme included Kehouletuo Alexander, Buni Dominic, Medo-o Mathew, Veronica, Ruokuotuolie Robert and Mengukhrietuo Marcus. (Page News Service)