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Centre ‘forcefully’ pushing through bills; afraid for future of parliamentary democracy: Mamata

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New Delhi, December 7: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee hit out at the government on Wednesday alleging it was using its majority to “forcefully” push through bills in Parliament and expressed concerns over the future of parliamentary democracy.
Speaking to reporters after a strategy meeting with her party MPs, Banerjee also alleged that at least 16 bills which seek to interfere in state matters have been listed for consideration and passage in the ongoing winter session of Parliament.
“You have seen that if the opposition raises its voice, because of the majority, the ruling party passes bills forcefully without even voting. They don’t accept reports of standing committees or select committees. We are afraid whether our parliamentary democracy will persevere and its prestige and respect which has been preserved till now will be protected,” she told reporters.
She further said that in a democracy there are many political parties, many ideologies but parliamentary majority always wins. “But this does not mean that you will bulldoze opposition voices, states, media and other pillars of democracy.”
“One political party may come in power and go, but this Parliament and Constitution will go on forever,” the Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo said.
Banerjee also said that when there is a ruling party with majority, one-sided bills are passed, but the government has to understand the needs of states.
“They have to understand that every state has its own problems and issues. Each state is represented in Parliament which has different issues, language and problems. Parliament cannot forcefully go on without listening to us,” she said.
“Our party will face them boldly and coolly and cooperate with other opposition parties to fight against the atrocities,” she said.
On funds due to West Bengal, Banerjee said the Centre adopts the tactic of releasing money during the year-end.
“They will then allege that we have not implemented (projects using the funds). They cannot give us at the end of the year. The media should raise it. But I know they control the media. They control everything, only the sky and the earth are not being controlled…,” she said.
Banerjee attended the G-20 preparatory meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday and visited Ajmer Sharif on Tuesday along with her nephew and party national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee.
The winter session of Parliament commenced Wednesday. The session will have 17 sittings over 23 days before it concludes on December 29. (PTI)