Celebration Of Naga Club; A Boundant Duty


The very few of the first batch of enlightened Nagas in the erstwhile Naga Hills based at Kohima formed the Naga Club in 1918. Despite the lack of exposure to outside world during this period of time, the sense of patriotism for self rule was rich in the blood of our ancestors as sufficiently exhibited in the vehement resistance by Naga villages against the aggressions of British armed forces when they landed in Naga territory from 1832 onwards. The British knew the mentality and the attitude of the Nagas well as in every aspect, be it culture, tradition or belief, the Nagas were naturally different from the people of mainland India which was recognized even by the British.
Knowing the historical and ground realities, the Naga Club members were given insights at the right time to submit a written representation to the visiting team of British Commission headed by Sir John Allsebrook Simon in 1929 for the purpose of Reform Scheme. Thus, the first ever political representation of the Nagas was submitted to the Simon Commission on 10/01/1929 much ahead of any such political assertion for self determination ever initiated by Indians. The very representation signed by 20 (twenty) signatories was lucid, assertive, bold, truthful and filled with insights and far-sighted in plain language without pleonasm. The content of the representation was inclusive and transparent as it embraced all the Nagas without iota of ism. The formation of Naga Club was indeed spectacular and the submission of the representation was epoch as it was the first step of the Naga national Movement for sovereignty. All these political developments as the formation of Naga Club and the encounter with the British Commission could happen on time solely due to sheer grace of the living God. We, therefore, acknowledge the Lordship of God over the Nagas all through these successive generations.
Thus, the Naga Club is attaining one hundred years in 2018. The existing Naga Club is therefore preparing to celebrate the centenary of the formation of Naga Club on the 24th of November 2018 at Kohima. The celebration of the 100th year of Naga Club is significant as we, the present generation of Nagas, are deeply indebted to those pioneers who were our star guide and whose contribution to our very existence is accountable. It is therefore most appropriate for the Nagas as a whole to give befitting celebration of the occasion in our gratefulness to those bygone political pillars.
The Naga Club is greatly encouraged by the positive and overwhelming responses from the Tribal Hohos and concerned Nagas regarding the ensuing celebration. Despite having passed through stages of discords and lack of synchronizations in our acts in the past, here comes an opportunity for all the Nagas to show our oneness and solidarity through the celebration. This is for every Naga to know that the revival of the Naga club by Naga elders of the day was prompted by the sheer necessity to exhibit our gratefulness and gratitude to the forerunners for setting our political vision on solid ground and that the ensuing celebration has no other string of unpalatable motive attached to it except the humble sense of duty to keep the Naga legacy alive and preserved for generations to come. The Naga Club extends its cordial invitation to one and all to the centenary celebration.
Issued by: Naga Club, Publicity committee

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