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Ceasefire should now make way for Solution: M Chuba Ao

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DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 2: National Vice President of Bharatiya Janata Party, M Chuba Ao today said that all works are in the right direction to deliver a solution to the vexed Indo-Naga political problem and added that Naga leaders should also be ready to accept a solution which is mutually acceptable and is practical enough.
Stating that Nagas want an early solution, Chuba said this is not being stated from a political point of view of the BJP. “Our sincere election promise in 2018 was ‘Election for Solution’. In 2022, we are expected to deliver”, he assured.
Chuba further stated that the Government has made it clear that the ‘separate’ Flag and Constitution demands were not acceptable. Moreover, for any democratic set-up the Constitution of India is sacred and it has binding on all, he added.
“In the past we have spoken about the basic structure of Indian Constitution. So any kind of adventurism will have to go through constitutional and legal scrutiny of the Supreme Court and also of the two Houses of Parliament”, he stated.
Citing media reports, the BJP leader said that the Centre is keen to usher in a season of festivity and joy in Nagaland during Christmas. “Who will not accept such a mean announcement?” he asked when everyone is keen for a solution.
Stating that there is a craze in Naga patience too, the BJP leader said long years of insurgency and the long period of ceasefire during the last 25 years show people had to face the multiple challenges including extortion.
“There are also issues related to deployment of Central security forces. The status quo has to make ways for a new development. The ceasefire should now make ways for a Solution”, he added. [Read Full Text]
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