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CCoNPI has failed: Janata Dal (U) Nagaland


DIMAPUR, JULY 21: The Janata Dal (United) Nagaland today said that the UDA Government in Nagaland must admit honestly that the mission of Core Committee on Naga Political Issue (CCoNPI) has become futile and therefore, morally accept its failure and pull out of the so-called “mission”.
“Simultaneously, the UDA must also be dissolved and be back to the earlier PDA in honest admittance of its irrelevance”, JD (U) general secretary, Kitoho S Rotokha told media persons here.
While critically appreciating the mission of CCoNPI, Rotokha said it was, however, bound to fail as its objective was vague in itself.
Stating that the job of the CCONPI is reduced to just that of a mere messenger with no principle stand of its own, the JD (U) general secretary said an elected Government must have the authority to decide what is honourable for its citizens and whether the negotiating groups accepts it or not, it could have come out with what is best for the people from its stand point.
The JD (U) said the CCoNPI is supposed to be the highest body of the overground Nagas and it was expected to have performed much higher than just being a “dak runner”.
“They should have taken a stand and accordingly endeavor to trash out the differences between the negotiating groups. But alas! They have been just mute listeners to lectures of both the Government of India and the various Naga political groups”, it said adding, the UDA could not build up courage to represent the people who are longing for peace.
The JDU further appealed to all overground Naga organizations to exhibit tolerance towards each other and refrain from reacting to actions of fellow Naga organizations or individuals.
The JD (U) general secretary also made it clear that the party has no ulterior motive to malign any political parties or social organizations.
Stating that peace should reign in Naga society, the JD(U) said Government of India must stand by its commitments made to the negotiating Naga national organizations so as to ensure that the peace process is not delayed at any cost.
Also addressing the media, JD (U) national secretary and president Nagaland unit, Senchumo NSN Lotha said
“We are very particular about the Core Committee on Naga Political Issue because we feel that the very purpose for which it was made was so much acceptable and the Naga people had so much of hope on this that finally an opposition-less Government will really bring about a fundamental kind of initiative on negotiating groups”, he said.
He said there was so much hope as nowhere such a Government had sacrificed all State principles, developmental principles as well as necessary issues that confronts the State and made it into opposition-less, which means there is no State issue, no developmental issue, its only Naga peace process.
Lotha said despite coming up with the Core Committee, the JD (U) learnt that it was not a truly intended mission to bring about a solution. “It wasn’t otherwise. How can they be just messenger,” Lotha said.
Stating that they had the authority to give a strong pressure to both the negotiating parties, but today we all know that flag and constitution has become the contentious issue.
Has the opposition-less Government taken any stand on this?” he asked.
“We understand that the negotiation with the NNPGs has been concluded as claimed by them but what about the NSCN (IM). They have come out in refutation of the talks being concluded”, Lotha said.
Core Committee has said that the talks have completed but NSCN (IM) have said that talks have not concluded. Under what authority has the Core Committee come out with that resolution? he further questioned.
The JD (U) national secretary said the Core Committee must be dissolved and they must admit that they have failed. He also said an alternative must be explored.
Replying to a query on flag and constitution, Lotha said that the negotiations have been stuck on the issue of flag and constitution therefore there must be a way out to have this solution while addressing the demand of the NSCN (IM).
“We are not saying this should be given/not given…that’s not under our authority. But this issue must be addressed”, he asserted. He also said that the Government of India is in the best position to find a way out adding the State Government/Core Committee also can be very instrumental in finding a middle path.
He also stressed that both Government of India and NSCN (IM) must find a way out and honour the commitments made to Naga people.
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