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CCEM conducts 2-day consultative meet

Nagaland News

Dimapur, July 29: The Chakhesang Clean Election Movement (CCEM) conducted a 2-day consultative meeting with public leaders and church leaders of Western Chakhesang Hoho and Chakhesang Hoho Kohima on July 28&29 respectively as part of its second phase of the clean election awareness programme.
The meeting with Western Chakhesang Hoho was held at Western Chakhesang Baptist Church Council Mission Centre at 7th Mile Village in Chümoukedima on Thursday and with the Chakhesang Hoho Kohima at the Chakhesang Baptist Church, Kitsubozou, Kohima on Friday.
Chairman CCEM, Rev. Vezopa Rhakho, reiterated that the movement is the social responsibility of the church and is neither against political parties nor any leaders. As a Christian majority state, he called upon the people to live up to their faith in Christ.
President of the Chakhesang Hoho Kohima, Theja Therieh laid emphasis on the importance of conscious voting, which is the purest form of democracy and would determine the governance. He also pointed out that voting for cash has become “very convenient” and many people earn a lot of money during elections. However, the right to choose should not be misused, he added.
He appealed to all to retrospect and said: “We must go back to our roots and see where we are” to be able to proceed.
The consultative meetings were organised by the CCEM comprising Chakhesang Baptist Church Council, Chakhesang Public Organization, Chakhesang Mothers’ Association, Chakhesang Youth Front, Chakhesang Students’ Union, and area council chairmen. Participants for the 2-day meeting included leaders of various civil society organisations, church workers, village leaders, etc.
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