Monday, September 20, 2021
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CBCC dismisses ‘prophesy’ on vaccine as false

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, JANUARY 17: The Chakhesang Baptist Church Council (CBCC) has dismissed a ‘divine revelation pertaining to Covid-19 vaccines purportedly issued by Eastern Zion Hospital Healing Ministry, Pfütsero’ as unfounded and false.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the council asserted that such ‘false prophesies’ are very much contrary to the Bible and Christian faith.
“After the onset of Covid-19 pandemic, particularly the churches around the world have been sincerely praying for God’s intervention and healing from this dreaded disease which have claimed millions of precious lives. Therefore, the church believes that the vaccine which have come to us is indeed God’s answers to the prayers of believers, whose God is always concerned for the over-all well being of humanity including the physical well being which is part of the kingdom of God.
“The Church believes that health is the fundamental human right for all and so it is the moral obligation of the church to ensure that each and every individual to have the opportunity to live a healthier and fuller life which is the will of God. Health is also fundamental to economic growth for a developing country like India and vaccination form the bedrock of the public health,” the statement read.
While conceding that people may have doubts and apprehensions concerning the efficacy of the vaccines initially, it stated that the church always believe that any kind of vaccination that are attested by WHO and Government-approved ones ‘can never be against the will of God’.
In any case, vaccination has nothing to do with salvation and do not have any biblical basis, it asserted, adding that a vaccine does not get to decide and cancel the work of Christ on the cross.
“There is no denying the fact that the Church believes in prophecy. However, the Church is always guided by the Bible, the Living Word of God, which admonishes the church not to believe every prophecy but to test every spirit. Because there is such a thing as true or false prophecy then and even now.
“As far as the source of prophecy in this context is concerned, it is to be noted that even in the recent past, the same kind of prophecies emerged from the same group which claimed that getting Aadhaar card and Rubella vaccines was against the will of God and will attract the ‘Beast mark’ which was also then clarified and out rightly condemned by CBCC back in 2018,” it stated.

The council maintained that in a time such as this, it cannot rule out the possibility of a kind of vested interest which could be running a misinformation campaign to derail the fight against Covid-19.
“Therefore, all the believers are advised not to panic or be swayed by the false prophecies but continue to pray that God will use the vaccine to bring healing and protection to all people around the world,” it added. (Page News Service)