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CBCC asks church workers involved in partisan politics to resign

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, MARCH 7: The Chakhesang Baptist Church Council (CBCC) has asked church workers under its patronage, who have been involved in partisan politics during the recently held elections, to resign from their ministerial responsibility before it initiates inquiry.
In a letter addressed to all Pastors, Pastoral Staff, Deacons and designated church workers, the CBCC reminded them of the Baptist polity of the Separation of Church and State, stating that church workers ~ whether Pastor or Deacon, or anyone who holds the sacred office of the church ~ has his or her own jurisdiction of involvement.
“Complaints have been received that some who are currently holding the office of the church have involved in partisan politics violating both the election code of conduct and CCEM (Chakhesang Clean Election Movement) Guidelines during the last general election and thereby tarnished the image of the church of Jesus Christ!
“Therefore, those of you who have deliberately involved in such restricted activity by the church, we sincerely appeal you to voluntarily resign from your ministerial responsibility in the church before the church initiates inquiry on your involvement. In doing so, you’ll be doing a favour to the church and find a way forward for forgiveness from the gracious Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ”, the letter read.
Stating that an opportunity of self-surrender and repentance has been offered to the erring persons, it expressed hope that the appeal will be heeded.
(Page News Service)