CBCC and NSLSA conduct workshop on legal empowerment for teachers


Dimapur, August 12: Chakhesang Baptist Church Council in collaboration with Nagaland State Legal Services Authority organized one day workshop on legal empowerment for teachers on protection of children and their well being at CBCC Compound T. Chikri Pfutsero on August 9.
Speaking on role of teachers in the protection of children, Mezivolu T. Therieh, Member Secretary NSLSA said, “Teachers need to know the rights of the child unless they do that they cannot protect the children”. She said that to deal with the issues of children inside the classroom teachers need to be aware of the relevant portion of laws made for the students.
Pointing out that 44% of children faces sexual abuse, she urged the teachers to identify the students and the problems they are going through.
Stating that “one cannot blame a child, the family background, the government for being abused”, Mezivolu T. Therieh said that report of child abuse can be reported to the police/CHILDLINE for legal protection and legal redressal.
Akumla Longchari, State Project Coordinator NSLSA spoke on the POCSO Act, 2012 , which is the first law protecting children of both the sexes who are below the age of 18 years. She mentioned about the types of sexual abuses, the roles of State Government in implementation of Pocso Act,2012 and also the reliefs available to a child victim under the Act
Tongpang L Jamir, Project Coordinator NSLSA highlighted about the activities of NSLSA and also spoke on the Legal Rights of Persons with Disabilities. He said that the main role of the special education teacher is to provide instruction and support which facilitates the participation of students with disabilities in the regular classroom.
He mentioned about the various legal provisions on rights and entitlements of PwDs also how a child with special needs , needs special care and attention.
Speaking on safe practices and precautions to be taken by parents and teachers at home and school, Ms. Vitono Gugu Haralu, fonder Pathfinder & PLV NSLSA underlined that the art of communication starts at school. She said that therefore it is important that teachers learn how to communicate to be able to have a conversation rather than give lecture.
Zacharia Tetseo, Advocate, Project Coordinator NSLSA speaking on healthy practices for over all development of a child, stressed on Physical development, social development, emotional development, metal development , speech and language skills and early findings of any disorder.
He encouraged the teachers to be sensitive towards bullying and find way to help ways for the child who is being bullied.
He further pointed out on important strategies such as acknowledge what the child has done, always encourage the child, ask questions etc.
Speaking on victims of trafficking & commercial exploitation, Neiteo Koza, Advocate, Project Coordinator NSLSA advised that girls being send to beauty hospitality should be properly verified and urged the teachers to sensitize their students on the dangers of human trafficking.
She highlighted on Immoral Traffic Prevention Act and explained about brothel used for sexual exploitation and abuse. She also mentioned about the punishment for involvement in prostitution.
Neiteo Koza further explained the NALSA (Victims of trafficking & Commercial Sexual Exploitation) Scheme, 2015 to provide legal services to the victims.
Kethovelu Resu, Project Assistant NSLSA speaking on children, victims to cyber fantasies pointed out that 134 million children have access to mobile phones and are the most vulnerable section of the society and are easily exploited.
She also explained about cyber crimes under IT Act and IPC.
(Page News Service)