Tuesday, September 21, 2021

CBC Seluophe dedicated

Dimapur, March 2: Speaking at the new church building dedication program of the Chakhesang Baptist Church Seluophe, Dimapur, a church which was financed and build by him and his family, MLA Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu thanked God Almighty for making everything beautiful in His own time, and attributed his service to the glory of God.
He also asserted that “Earthly wealth and riches becomes worthless and meaningless if a person forgets the love of God, parents, families, or stopped doing humanitarian services”.
Recollecting his association with the Chakhesang Baptist Church Seluophe, Azo narrated how he was invited to share the word of God in one of the program at Seluophe Chakhesang Baptist Church, and how God moved his heart to have compassion on the people and the church as the building was literally on the verge of collapsing at that point of time. So he decided to build the church for the glory of God, but affirmed, the moment he started building the church, his political career begin to sway here and there, but despite all the hardships and temptations that he has to face, he and his family took courage and completed the work.
Expressing gratitude to the Chakhesang people for their prayer support and encouragements, Azo said , “There is no greater joy in life than to do great works for Christ, our Savior.” Building this church of God has brought tears of joy and a peace that transcends all understanding, he added.
Earlier, the new building of Chakhesang Baptist Church, Seluophe was inaugurated and dedicated to the Glory of God by Rev.Khrotso Mero, Executive Secretary Chakhesang Baptist Church Council , and the service proceeding was led by pastor Musilo Nusory. Rev.Dr. Vevo Phesao , Senior Pastor CBC Minister’s Hill also spoke on the occasion. (Page News Service)