Friday, April 16, 2021

Creative Writings

Creative Writings

Indulgence, For Free

Indulgence of all sortsat your call,Not much of a strain here,your choice, in all. Choose this and choose thatyour fancy running freeThe world hardly matters,in your indulgent spree.   Manipulate, cajole or outright rejectwhatever the need beIndulgence of all sorts,for you, for free.    By Ragini Puri...
Creative Writings

A Specimen of The Human Race

I am a specimen of the human raceThe one supposed to beAt the tip of the animal pyramidTo such a thoughtMany humans are by reservation caughtSince frequentlyHumans tend to settle a differenceWith some sort of violenceHumans carry arms and gunSometimes they kill other animalsJust for fun When there's a big disputeThe humans draw their gunAnd their enemy they shootWhen the dispute escalatesTo a level higherThe humans may start a preemptive warAt times the war turns into a World warWhen millions of humans are slaughteredOf other animals, nobody keeps trackBy the...
Creative Writings

Who Invented Time?

Time, you are a mere illusion, You only exist in our mind, A fourth dimensional abstract entity, An enigma of some kind ! We humans have invented you, And brought you to our scene; But like the moth you feed on our calendars, To fatten up from within ! Necessity, the mother of inventions, Created the calendar and the clock; Which cater to our needs - Does it come to you as a shock ?! With these inventions we measure - Our rotations around the burning sun, While in your...
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