Tuesday, January 26, 2021

“Catastrophic”: Kevin Pietersen reacts to state of Cricket affairs in South Africa


JOHANNESBURG, September 11: The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) has asked Cricket South Africa (CSA) executives to step aside. Former England skipper Kevin Pietersen has made his displeasure known at the turn of events. Taking to Twitter, Pietersen wrote: “Goodness me! What’s happening to cricket in SA is catastrophic. I feel so sorry for the many amazing people that work in that organisation and to all the players that are suffering at the hands of this disaster! Sport unites SA! This horror show is finishing cricket!”
Cricket South Africa said that it does not agree with the resolution taken by the SASCOC, and is taking legal advice after its board and senior executives were instructed to step aside by the SASCOC.
“Cricket South Africa (CSA) has received the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee’s (SASCOC) communication pertaining to various resolutions which SASCOC has passed in relation to CSA. CSA, including its Members’ Council, does not agree with the resolution taken by SASCOC and has not had the opportunity to engage with SASCOC on various issues raised in the communication,” CSA said in a statement.
“In addition, CSA is taking legal advice regarding the basis on which SASCOC has sought to intervene in the business affairs of CSA. CSA does, however, commit to engaging further with SASCOC to understand its position and to find common ground with it in the best interests of cricket. The Members’ Council and the Directors of the Board of CSA will hold a joint workshop this weekend to discuss critical matters,” the statement added. (ANI)