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Cannot accept a Naga solution shrouded in secrecy: NGBF

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Dimapur, September 8: The Nagaland GB Federation (NGBF) has stated that it cannot accept a Naga solution that is ambiguous and shrouded in mystery and secrecy.
“NGBF as a guardian to customary and traditional structure and usages cannot accept a Naga solution that is ambiguous shrouded in mystery and secrecy,” it said in a statement.
The GBs said its position is unchanged. “The position of NGBF is unchanged. Final agreement be signed as per 31st October 2019 understanding arrived at between GOI and two Naga negotiating groups ie, FA with NSCN (IM) and Agreed Position with WC, NNPGs. The Nagas will not be a party to any solution which is enforced without transparency.”
Informing that on the invitation of the NSCN (IM) chairman, the NGBF had a cordial meeting on September 4, the statement said the NGBF urged the NSCN (IM) to unite all the factions, come under single platform and also lay before the Naga people the contents and blueprint of post solution political and administrative structure such as the one WC, NNPGs produced before the Naga tribes and civil societies in the form of ‘Status Paper on Indo-Naga political talks’.
“This will clear any doubt,” it maintained.
‘GBs are not paid Govt. employees’
The statement also alleged that there is a “nefarious game plan by an unprincipled and uninformed group of people” who are trying to limit, discredit, marginalize and muffle the traditionally honored voice and authority of Naga Village Chiefs. “The Gaon Bura (village Chief) institute was established under the then erstwhile British-India Govt. in the Naga Hills much before India got its Independence. This institute is the unique and exclusive established village authority in Nagaland which none of the States in NE India has and it has been retained as the primer traditional body. In recognition of its authority, the British Raj has awarded red blankets as an insignia to the Vilage Chiefs (GB),” it said.
Stating that today in the changing times, along with the hereditary kingship village chieftains, the Government appointed Gaon Buras (GB) within Naga tribes, towns and cities, work in tandem under the banner of NGBF, the statement claimed that most (GBs) are hereditary while some are appointed but only after proving one’s domicile, integrity, social conduct and acceptability by the general public of that locality/colony. “Only then the government can issue appointment order. The GBs in Nagaland are not paid Govt. employees as we do not enjoy salary from the State Govt. except the traditional symbolic uniform which is the Red Blanket that is issued to us by the Civil Administration from time to time.”
Claiming that every single GB, village chief in Nagaland is a proven man and an anointed leader, having every right to knock on the door of the Chief Minister or the Prime Minister on the Naga political issue, the statement said, “NGBF is the legitimate offspring of Nagaland. We are committed to facilitating and ensuring honourable and acceptable political solutions for the Naga people. NGBF will urge all rejected organisations, destructive social media heroes to think twice before passing judgement on the activities of NGBF because it doesn’t need a certificate from any political party or group. We check our clouds, the direction of our winds, the noise in our grasslands and forest and act on our conscience to do or say what is best for our people. We are the traditional conscience keepers, a solemn institution listening to the voice of our forefathers. We will not allow our land and people to be eternally threatened by bullies with guns.” (Page News Service)