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CAN calls for review of NLTP Act

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DIMAPUR, MARCH 2: The Catholic Association of Nagaland (CAN) has called for review of the Nagaland Liquor Total Prohibition Act (NLTP) of 1989, and suggested enactment of new laws that will allow supply of good quality alcohol with controlled mechanism.
The suggestions were made during the recent consultation organised by Nagaland Government at Kohima on February 24.
CAN proposed that the NLTP Act may be re-addressed with the cardinal objective of evolving laws or Acts of the Government which will promote a “common good” for all people.
The Prohibition Act should be reviewed with the principle of “do no harm” or “harm reduction” approaches, it stated.
“New laws/Acts may be enacted which will allow the supply of good quality alcohol with controlled mechanism. The Government of Nagaland should be informed that use and consumption of alcohol exists all over the world. And there are only three levels to address the issue: supply reduction; demand reduction; and harm reduction”, it stated.
According to the CAN statement, when people want alcohol, they will find a way to get them by any means.
“Therefore, reduction of supply and reduction of demand had been a battle which many Governments and societies had struggled to manage and never succeeded in the world. Reduction of supply and demand policies such as NLTP Act 1989 will cost multi resources with no output or little result.
“The Catholic Association of Nagaland proposes the Government of Nagaland on NLTP Act, 1989 to focus on harm reduction strategies of alcohol menace to reduce the harms on social, economic and health of the community associated with alcohol consumption”, it further stated.
The Association reasoned that it was advocating harm reduction because harm reduction strategy is a proven approach that works all over the world; it controls the supply and demand of alcohol; it saves lives; and it is a way of life.
CAN assured the Nagaland Government of its support to the Government’s plans and policies.
“And Catholic families and members shall be conscientized on the issues of responsible alcohol consumption and on the duties and responsibilities as citizen of the State”, it added.
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