Friday, June 21, 2024

Callous people

It is apparent that our people have become totally callous. We seem to have lost the feeling of compassion. Killings do not move us. Too much bloodshed everywhere has dehumanized and brutalized our people. Material greed has grown so much that all other finer values have taken a back seat. Our people seem to have developed a notion that only money can make us happy. If material advancements alone could bring joy, America would have been the happiest country in the world. But everybody knows that Americans are not happy in spite of the oceans of wealth and they are in search of spiritual peace and fulfillment. It is true that we cannot live without bread but it is regrettable that we have learnt to live for bread alone in today’s society which is induced by avarice. This tendency has brought moral decadence and mental corruption in the life of our people and consequently, we have lost love for others and have no sympathy with relatives, neighbours and fellow citizens. If we wish to live like pure human beings, we will have to rebuild in ourselves the moral sense and outlook which would be the specialty of our culture. The problem of moral degeneration and corruption is obnoxious and abhorrent and warrants immediate and thorough remedies, but all efforts will be useless until and unless our people as a whole become conscious of their responsibilities and duties and do not dupe their own people. Today corruption has seeped into our blood and it is not frowned upon at all but taken as a normal way of life. Not only material but even moral corruption is at its height. The worst part is the proliferation of ill gotten wealth which has given rise to a class of nouveau riches! These people go to any lengths to display their dubious wealth which has shattered the values of the society and the have-nots feel dejected and helpless. Modernization and globalization have shattered the traditional way of life. Our family system which was a strong pillar of the society is breaking up fast. Even the normal social interactions have been severely affected. People very rarely visit relations and friends and have become some sort of islands in themselves. Everybody claims to be busy in various chores. However, the reality is that the people have become callous. There are only two occasions these days when people especially friends and relatives meet each other. Marriages or funerals! On many such occasion one gets a shock on seeing a friend after a long gap of time. People change! All are aged, some have grown beards, some have become thinner and some more bulky! Another important trait which has come up starkly among most of us is impatience. We all seem to be in a hurry. Whether on the roads, in a store, or in any other public facility we seem to be in a mad rush. We have no patience to wait for our turn! A mad sense of competition has rendered our society a virtual battlefield where everyone tries to outplay everyone else. Means don’t matter, end does. A brute utilitarian principle is operating in our lives and that has taken a toll. The worst part is that apart from being impatient, we are arrogant. We never admit our mistakes but try to brow beat others. Unfortunately, the situation of uncertainty hovering over us has been managed deliberately in such a way so as to bring out the worst in our character. There is encouragement from all sides for bringing out the worst part and the best part of the character is choked by all means. There is no escape by putting blame on others for our own weaknesses. One has to boldly face the reality and take corrective steps lest we perish altogether as a civilized people. Someone has to begin the process. We need leaders who set examples to follow and not deliver sermons which they themselves do not adhere to! There is a need to keep alive the age old traditions of honesty, hard work and morality. There is urgent need to develop in ourselves personal moral values and set high standards of conduct and behaviour and judge ourselves accordingly. Let us put ourselves to introspection and first deserve and then desire for some ideal and long cherished goal.