Friday, September 17, 2021

Call for unity at ‘Luira Phanit’ festival

Dimapur, February 28: Eastern Naga People’s Organization (ENPO) President T. Kekongchim on Friday said that Nagas have been living confined in tribalistic attitudes in a global village, trying to dominate each other and this would not lead to any progress of the Naga society.
Speaking as the chief guest on the occasion of the seed sowing festival of Tangkhul, “Luira Phanit” organized by Tangkhul Union Dimapur here at Nagaland Bamboo Resource Centre, Sovima, Dimapur, Kekongchim said that it is time for the Nagas to come out of the confinements and added that despite differences, all the tribes have similarities in customs and cultures and are identified by others as Nagas.
“We are too emotional,” he said, adding that this leads to mistakes in decision making and all the boasting of having unique history is only proving to be the weapons to the enemies.
He appealed to the people to bury the past mistakes of each other and build a vibrant future for the children, while calling the decision of the Tangkhul Naga Long President’s initiative to reach out to all the tribes of the Nagas ‘a good gesture’ as it is never too late.
He was referring to the TNL President, Hopingson A. Shimray’s speech in which he had mentioned that TNL would be approaching each of the Naga tribes and seek their forgiveness so that all can remain as brothers like they used to be for decades.
The ENPO President asked the gathering to sow the seeds of unity, hopes and good deeds moving away from greediness and mistakes that can be forgiven but not forgotten. He concluded saying that the different tribes might be scattered in Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh, but they will be always called Nagas.
Earlier, Tenyimia People’s Organization President, Timkha Koza in his speech said that in the capital of the country people are dying for no reason, and such communal things are happening in Nagaland too, where it is seen that small issues erupt to clashes, and therefore it is needed that people learn to forgive and live together.
He said that Nagas have missed many golden opportunities and now when there is an opportunity at hand, Nagas need to have a big heart and grab it, for those who would divide will be remembered with curse. Asking people to sow the seeds of unity and depend only on work to eat, he said that Nagas were known for their hard work and no one thought of forcing people to give.
He termed TNL President’s initiative a noble mission.
President of Ao Senden, Chubawati Longchar who also spoke on the occasion asked the attendants to be proud of their identity and be informed about their own cultures and customs from their elders and pass it on to the next generation.
The celebration was attended by representatives of different tribes and was dotted with a number of cultural performances put up by different tribes.
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