Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Call for PDA Govt to step down justified: NPF


Dimapur, July 13: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has stated that its call for the PDA Government to step down on moral ground is justified and is neither unconstitutional nor illegal as alleged by the ruling party, considering “the ineptitude” of the PDA Government and its agencies in handling the COVID-19 related issues and the “pathetic failure” to address public grievances that were fallouts from the mismanagement of the pandemic.
In a press communiqué, the party’s press bureau maintained that the reluctance of the Naga public to be more vocal and forceful in voicing their disapproval towards the Government due to the pandemic enforced lockdown should not be misconstrued as public contentment or approval of the of the PDA Government.
Expressing surprise at several press statements of the PDA alliance expressing smooth and cordial relationship within the alliance, whenever the NPF raises its concern over issues of public importance, the communiqué said the NPF is not interested in the state of their relationship or the instability of the present Government. However, it said the NPF will continue to exercise its prerogative as the opposition party by expressing its genuine concern over the conduct of affairs in the State including the prevailing law and order situation, the mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic by the PDA Government and any other issue related to good-governance of the state.
The NPF also alleged that due to inefficiency on many parts of the State Government and its machinery, the cases of COVID positive is rising each day and slowly entering into community transmission.
The communiqué also iterated that by making a reference to the head of the State, the Governor himself who had categorically pointed out his distrust of the present Government stating there is no semblance of governance and expressed the loss of his confidence with the present Government, the NPF is in no way trying to create any rift between the PDA alliance partners. “The clear evidence is in the hands of the public. Therefore, the NPF advise the ruling party not to dredge up unnecessary and unwarranted accusations on the Opposition but instead, focus on their duty of efficiently and competently tackling the pertinent issues at hand and providing good governance to the people of Nagaland, a task which the PDA alliance partner has miserably failed to underscore so far,” it alleged.
Meanwhile, the NPF also expressed anguish over the recent killings of NSCN (IM) cadres by the Indian military forces at Arunachal Pradesh, and strongly felt that any aggressive action by either side of the party would only derail the hard earned peace and when the general public is eagerly waiting for the honorable solution to the Naga political problem at any moment, such actions will only hamper the political negotiation.
The party appealed to all the stake-holders in the political negotiations to expedite the political process so that a mutually agreed settlement is brought about at the earliest.
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