Friday, August 6, 2021

CAKU condemns threat to PAC

Dimapur, November 17: The Chakhro Angami Kuda Union (CAKU) has strongly condemned the “targeting” of that Public Action Committee (PAC) leaders and families by the working committee of the Naga National Political Groups.
“Intimidation and threat in the name of National movement will not solve the problem as because every Naga family whether at present or past has contributed for the national cause in one way or other,” it said.
In a release, CAKU said PAC under the banner of Naga Council Dimapur have done tremendous achievement in bringing down the illegal taxation which the general public themselves are the witness. It also reaffirm the decision taken on 31st Oct.2013 on “One Government One Tax.”
“PAC itself is a conglomeration of all Naga tribal bodies including all mass based organization of Dimapur therefore, whatever movement PAC have initiated till today was in the interest of the general public and the public is fully aware of the so called taxes levying upon the public where he or she is directly or indirectly a victim to it,” it said and assured all possible support to PAC while also hoping that the movement will bring positive change in the society.
CAKU said any party or groups issuing threat, intimidation or for that matter if any untoward incident happen against any of the PAC members or their families, the particular party or groups shall be held sole responsible.
CAKU also called upon the State Government, particularly the custodians of law, to ensure that all illegal activities happening particularly in the commercial hub of Nagaland, Dimapur, to be more vigilant and act promptly against all anti social elements without showing bias or favoritism.
CAKU further prayed that good sense prevail among Nagas so as not to jeopardize the peace accord which is expected soon. (Page News Service)