Thursday, March 4, 2021

CAKU condemns taxation and intimidation by UGs

Dimapur, May 20: The Chakhro Angami Kuda Union (CAKU) has expressed concerned over so-called national workers under different banners issuing several demand letter in the name of yearly taxation to a prominent businessman of Progressive Motors at Darogapathar Village, Dimapur.
The CAKU said that exorbitant amount have been charged by various faction is beyond expectation, which verbal threat to shut down the business has also been carried out by a particular faction (NSCN-Unification), which has forced the Progressive Motors to close yesterday.
When Nagaland alone with the country is fighting against the pandemic of Covid-19 thereby affecting the whole economy of every individual, the forceful demand of taxation imposed on the business community is very unfortunate at this crucial hour, it said in a press release issued by its president, Zelhou Ziekhrü. The CAKU therefore strongly condemned the act of the so called Naga Nationalist who forcefully imposed such act against any citizens.
The CAKU recalled that this is not the first incident that has put the life of the Progressive Motors community into danger however time and again such awful act were not bring to the light for the welfare of both the parties in respecting each ethic of workmanship. However, the respect and the silence of the Progressive Motors and the business community in general by the Naga entrepreneurs given to the National workers in the past have taken otherwise and thereby creating more rooms for the anti social elements to progress without much barrier, it added.
The CAKU made its stand clear that such practice of intimidation and threat culture against own Naga citizens irrespective of tribes in the name of National workers is unacceptable and intolerable in any term and shall denounce such faction as an anti Naga working against the wishes of the people.
The Union further warned that if any untoward incident happen to any members of Progressive Motors and its staff, the particular faction would be solely responsible and as such the Union would not shy to declare non-cooperation to that particular faction in whatsoever manner deem fit for the welfare of the whole innocent citizens.
Further the CAKU appealed to all right thinking citizens to condemn such awful act by the National workers.
The CAKU also appealed to the law enforcing agencies in the state to be vigilant and curb all such means of extortion and illegal activities that has directly or indirectly put the life of the business community and the innocent public life into danger. (Page News Service)