Friday, December 4, 2020
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CAB puts our children’s future at risk: NMA


Dimapur, February 9: The Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) has registered deep concern on the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016 which has been passed by the Lok Sabha without any objections raised by the Nagaland State Government, thus putting the future of the State’s children at stake.
In a memorandum to the Governor of Nagaland submitted on February 8, the NMA said the Bill will open the floodgates of more illegal immigrants into the State, this time under the guise of religion.
Stating that the earlier stand of the State Government has brought much disappointments as it is obvious, as the peoples’ elected Government, they are not ready to protect the identity and rights of the indigenous people of the State, the NMA however said it is relieved that the State Government has decided to oppose the Bill during its Cabinet meeting held on 28th January 2019.
On Inner Line Permit, the NMA said it is not being effectively checked as the main gateway of Nagaland, which is Dimapur, is exempted from the ILP.
Citing the protection of Article 371 (A) as a recourse for every issue is unfortunate as Nagas are well aware of the weight of the Indian Constitution over such specials provisions, it said.
Identity of Naga women
The NMA also objected and questioned the statement of the Chief Minister on January 13 at Tuensang by proposing to create a debatable issue on the identity of Naga women while trying to divert the seriousness of the CAB.
“In a democratic society, any proposed law which affects the life and welfare of Naga women must also take into account the voices of women themselves, who are almost half of the State’s population,” it stated.
The NMA hoped that the State Government will reconsider its stance and ensure that the rights and identity of the Nagas and our children are duly protected from such laws which will negate our very existence in the years ahead.
The NMA also drew the attention to the tenure of the State Women Commission which is over and reiterated that there must be expansion of the Commission with inclusion of more women members from various background who are sensitive to women’s rights and issues. It hoped that the next Women Commission will consist of committed women activists who will work for the protection and promotion of women’s rights. (Page News Service)