Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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CAB dangerous for Northeast: Anup Chetia


Dimapur, October 26: General Secretary of United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) Anup Chetia on Saturday said that the Government of India has not respected the voice of the indigenous people of Northeast and is forcing the dangerous Citizenship Amendment Bill on the region when the people want the illegal immigrants to be deported.
Speaking at the launching of Nagaland Indigenous People’s Forum (NIPF) here at Don Bosco School, Dimapur, Chetia claimed that of the more than 19 lakh people who could not find their names in the NRC, about 14 lakhs are illegal Bengali Hindu immigrant and North East Indigenous People Forum, of which he is the Chief Convenor, is against CAB.
“We are not doing politics, we want them deported,” he said.
Chetia said that unlike Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, and Mizoram, the indigenous people of Assam doesn’t have a distinct identity and the identity of the indigenous people in the state is at a stake as even people who migrated from other parts of India and Bangladesh are claiming to be indigenous and it is leading to an anti-indigenous sentiment, and this is the very reason which had prompted many in 2017 to come together and form a forum for indigenous people of Assam. But it was soon realized that the similar problems are being faced by other states of the region too, especially Tripura, and thus, NEIPF came into existence.
He said in Assam the question of indigenous existence of the people has arisen where as it is not much of concern at present in other Northeastern states.
Anup Chetia said, “The indigenous identity of Assam is getting finished up and slowly it will finish the existence of the indigenous people of other states. The danger is trending and we need to all jointly work together to preserve our identity and culture from extinction”.
He said the infiltrators in Assam have become so bold that “they are challenging our identity and existence and many a times they openly tried to finish us off.”
He said the migrated people, mostly the Bangladeshi Hindus, are dominating the indigenous people in Assam and “we are under threat.”
“The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) 2016 is very dangerous for the people of Assam and north east as a whole. We protested but central government didn’t respected our protests rather it wants to enforce their will upon us”, Anup Chetia voiced out.
He blamed India for the border dispute that Assam and Nagaland has now, saying that in the long brotherly history of Assamese and Nagas, misunderstanding came and they were sorted out, but this time it is “they” who are causing the problem.
He said that there are no indigenous people in the Assam-Nagaland borders and 99% of the people in Langpi are non-indigenous.
“Assam is in a big problem,” he claimed and added that he has learnt about the surfacing of a similar forum for indigenous people in the region, and thereby asked everyone to remain united and make the movement strong rather than dividing amongst themselves and weaken it.
Previously, former Chief Minister of Nagaland and former Governor of Goa SC Jamir and K. K. Sema, IAS retd had also addressed the gathering.
In the welcome address, P. Pius Lotha, Convenor, Nagaland had mentioned that NIPS is a non-political forum, not associated with any NGO and it is for the protection of the indigenous culture of the people. (Page News Service)