Wednesday, May 19, 2021
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CAA is ‘bias and hostile in nature’: NSCN-K (YA)


Dimapur, December 19: The Yung Aung lead NSCN-K has come out against the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019, terming it as “bias and hostile in nature” and uncloaks the hidden political ideology of the present Government.
“This Bill was specially amended to sideline and target others based on religious ground which implies that Indian secularism is slowly dying.
“The CAA and other such similar Acts which are likely to be implemented in near future are bound to have adverse effect on our Wesea region in particular viz politically, economically, culturally and religiously,” said Lt Col Joseph Lamkang, MIP in-charge, NSCN/GPRN in a press release.
The NSCN-K claimed that the Bill will legalize and escalate the influx of illegal immigrants from neighbouring countries, increasing the already overwhelming illegal population. The result will dramatically change our regional demography beyond repair, it said.
“As much as we oppose India’s hegemony over the Naga country, we oppose all her colonial policies and laws imposed on our people,” it said.
Denouncing some elected Naga politicians who have “jumped to conclusion by blindly supporting the Bill without even consulting with the people they represent,” the release said they (politicians) are exposing their political immaturity and shortsightedness/ “They have lost their credibility as elected leaders by trusting too much in the Modi government. They owe an explanation to the Naga people for their decisions,” he stated.
Reminding that on August 5, the Government of India revoked the Constitutional autonomy of Kashmir, “the guardian which protected the historical rights of the Kashmiris”, the NSCN-K said, “Tomorrow it could be Nagas, and the GOI will not hesitate to implement its tainted policies.”
“The reality cannot be denied, India’s long-term fascist policy is to completely assimilate and subjugate the North East Region and wipe-out our joint freedom struggle,” it claimed.
The NSCN-K appreciated the unflinching stand of the Nagas and the whole NE people (WESEA) for coming together with one voice in denouncing the forcibly enacted CAA.
Claiming it to be the “legitimate torch-bearer of the Naga struggle,” the NSCN-K warned it will “go any length to defend our right, our land and our people and to implement that, the Naga army and its combat units are duty bound and capable of striking anywhere and at any time.” (Page News Service)