CAA exemption or Naga solution: Kaito

CAA exemption or Naga solution: Kaito

Pulls up Govt Dept’s failure to deliver goods

Kohima, February 14: Nagaland Minister for Agriculture and Cooperation, G Kaito Aye today asked Naga people to consider whether to demand for total exemption of the State from Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) or solution to the Naga political issue.
Participating in the debate on Budget 2020-21 in the Assembly, Aye dwelled on CAA, saying “we have jointly registered our protest even outside the Assembly and appealed to the Government of India that CAA should not affect us based on the historical facts that Nagas are protected by ILP under BEFR 1873.
The Government of India has conceded to our request to protect and exempt Nagaland from the purview of CAB, he said, adding that CAB is already an Act in the Parliament already, he said.
He cautioned the House saying that when lots of problems in hand, and that there is no need to harbour more problems for ourselves but see that Naga political solution should be the priority for all purpose.
Once settlement come there will also be an agenda, he said adding that when we already have the protections we need to strengthen ourselves we have to see that together venture for better Nagaland and address the peoples’ need towards development, human resources what is needed for the people.
“Our issue is bigger than the issue of our other friends, but we do not need to go beyond our boundary at this stage,” he said.
“Whether we want total exemption from CAA or solution of Naga issue,” he said while asking the members to explain to the NGOs, civil societies that it is good that they expressed their but too much of support or speaking against CAB Bill should be restrained.
‘Budget silent on Agri & allied sector’
Meanwhile, Kaito also pulled the inefficiency of various departments towards delivering goods to the people.
On the Department of Agriculture & Co-operation, he said though budget is silent but the peoples’ welfare programmes are being sincerely taken up.
On organic state status, Aye said it is not easy to declare it at the present moment because of foothill areas of Dimapur. We are seeking input support from the Centre and making move to declare organic state, he said.
On the proposal for meat sufficiency, Aye said the Cooperative department has been implementing 5th ICDP programme but the successful ICDP programmes have failed because of non-recovery of loans, but the department is trying its best.
Recovery position in the last ICDP programme is only 92% and hope to improve on it, he said while seeking the guarantee of the government to implement the sixth phase. He asked the MLAs to caution the people to repay the loans.
Saying that the Veterinary Department has extended support for Mithun rearing to villages, he asked the department to lay the Mithun population in the House and what they are going to do with the Mithuns. “We grow huge number of Mithun but nobody is talking of it, what we are going to do… so either we eat, sell it for what Mithuns will be use,” he said.
Lamenting the silence of the department on the death of 2-3 hundreds of Buffaloes in Ghaspani area last year, he requested the Government to assign doctors to look after the health of the animals. Rural areas have realized that rearing of animals is beneficial and therefore the animal health should be taken care, he said while appealing the department to revisit the areas.
He also pointed that Extra Assistant Commissioner’s created in the 1960s and 70s do not have proper housing facilities as the Government has not extended even Rs 1 lakh to such areas. He requested for regular positing of EACs in the interior areas, saying that both rural and urban areas also have problems.
On Rural Development department, he said there are land development schemes and it should be extended to the smaller needy villages.
On Education, he said while the department is taking up lots of programmes, but many people send their schools to private schools. Saying that in some areas Government schools are totally neglected while successive governments have been addressing but nobody is serious, he suggested that Government schools problems should be fully addressed and posting of teachers and headmasters rationalized. The House should come together and restructure the education department, he said.
He also lamented that the medical doctors are appointed and posted for dispensaries and hospitals areas but they are send off on further studies. This precedence has to be stopped, he said.
On Roads and Bridges, he said there are CSS and flagship programme in certain areas but some areas do not get it at all. He said that at least the district headquarter roads should be given importance.
Aye asserted as a senior member of the House he wants to see that the members holding different posts should be brought to light and let people understand and get support from all of us.
Meanwhile, Aye commending the budget as very good, transparent meant for the welfare of the people said it is a ‘peoples friendly budget’.
‘Kaito in Opposition bench?’
Later, in jocular vein, MLA Imkong L Imchen while participating in the discussions requested the Speaker to allow Kaito Aye to sit among the Opposition benchers in the House.
Minister for PHE and BJP MLA, Jacob Zhomimi and Advisor Toshi Wungtung also participated in supporting the budget 2020-21. (Page News Service)