Burmese Mountain Tortoise successfully hatched at NZP


Dimapur, July 17: Nagaland Zoological Park achieved another important success in its efforts to breed rare and endangered species in captivity when the first hatchling of Burmese Mountain Tortoises (Manuoria emys) emerged from the egg in the Zoological Park on June 25. A total of 22 babies were successfully hatched and the hatchlings have started feeding. They are being closely monitored and efforts are being made not to lose any of them.
Nagaland Zoological Park had signed an MoU with Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) for conservation of turtles and tortoises in Nagaland Zoological Park in the year 2016. TSA has since been providing technical support and assistance to Nagaland Zoological Park.
Nagaland Zoological Park has many more species of turtles in its collection. Other species such as the leaf turtles are also expected to be successfully bred in captivity in Nagaland Zoological Park.
(Page News Service)