Buffalos from Assam to be translocated to Chhattisgarh


New Delhi, May 5: Wild buffalos from Assam will be translocated in to the forest of Chhattisgarh. Official sources said that the Government of Chhattisgarh and Assam have come to an understanding over the proposal. The initiative was taken to conserve the endangered buffalos which have been facing an extinction threat.
Talking to The Sentinel on Saturday, Sameer Kr Sinha, Deputy Director of Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) said that Assam and other Northeastern States have the presence of large number of wild buffalos.
“Both the Governments have come to an understanding that female wild buffalos will be translocated to Chhattisgarh,” said Sinha.
He said that the initiative was taken following the fact that the number of female wild buffalos in Chhattisgarh is almost nil. In the Northeast, the number of wild buffaloes would be around 3500 which constitute the largest population.
“Earlier there was only 1 female wild buffalo with 12 other male buffalo in the Udantika forest of Chhattisgarh,” said Sinha.
He said that buffalos were found in the Indiravati Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra “but due to logistic reasons we can’t reach there.”
Sinha also emphasized on the need to stop the unnatural deaths of buffalos. The WTI official emphasized on the need to create political awareness for this endangered species which is listed in schedule I of the Indian Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972. (Courtesy: The Sentinel)