Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Buffalo Deaths: Veterinary Dept shifts blame on Election Dept


Lauds “quick action” of officials for reaching Medziphema area after 3-days

Dimapur, April 14: In what appears to be a brazen attempt to disown any responsibility for the department’s failure to immediately contain the outbreak of suspected Haemorarhagic septicaemia in Medziphema area that had killed over 20 buffaloes, the State Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science on Sunday tried to shift the blame on the State Election Department for its failure.
The justification given by the Department is that the Election Department had not considered the appeal made by the department “for exemption of emergency duty vehicle from election duty,” said a press release issued by Dr S Amenla Walling, Deputy Director & Principal Investigator, AICRP-ADMAS, AH & Vety Services Directorate.
According to Dr S Amenla, the Department had to direct its officials to make their own arrangement to go to the effected areas to control the outbreak of the disease “since the State election department did not consider the appeal made by the department for exemption of emergency duty vehicle from election duty.”
The Director of the Department rather appreciated the CVO Dimapur and his Rapid Response Team for their quick action after receiving the information and stationing at the outbreak site till date,” said the Department’s press release while informing that the Director of AH&VS, Dr Temsumeren, along with Dr Budhi Lama, Additional Director and other officials from the Department visited the affected areas under Medziphema on April 12.
The Department, however, failed to mention that the “quick action” taken by Department came three days late on April 8 after initially receiving report from V.H.C Medziphema staffs on April 5. It is not known when villagers had reported the matter to the V.H.C Medziphema.
It may be mentioned that the distance from Dimapur to Medziphema is some 35km, which is at most an hour drive away from Dimapur, and it is a surprise that the Director is giving accolades to the “quick action” taken by his officials for reaching the effected sites three days after getting reports from the department office in the area, even if one takes into account the department officials arduous task of making “their own transport arrangement.”
Stating that in the event of an outbreak, it can be contained more effectively and reduce the economic loss if the villagers report on time to the nearest Veterinary Health Centre, the press release claimed that in the recent case “the villagers also admitted in the meeting that they have not reported the matter to the department initially.”
This again appears to be stretching the facts or otherwise to the limit, as the report given by the “quick action” team of the department indicates.
The inspection report on Buffalo death at Sheiri Angami village and Sochünoma village in Medziphema area released to the press by Dr. K. Thungchamo, Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer, Dimapur, who led the team, said, “As per telephonic information by V.H.C Medziphema staffs on 5th April 2019. A team of ORT Doctors lead by Dy. C.V.O, VAS and VFAS from Chief Veterinary Office Dimapur went to contain the cause of buffalo death at Sheiri Angami Village and Sochünoma Village on 8th April 2019.”
“Reach Sheiri Angami Village and Sochünuma Village at 8 A.M. and inquired about from the Village Council Chairman and villagers. According to their report, everyday 3 to 5 buffalos are dead and till date more than 20 buffalo has died,” the report said.
While lauding the Rapid Response Team of CVO Dimapur for their “quick action”, the Director of the Department appreciated that the team is “stationing at the outbreak site till date.”
The April 8 inspection report, however, said, “We had treated 2 dick buffalo according to the symptom on the spot and for further continued treatment instruct the area VFAs to complete the treatment.”
Meanwhile informing that the area is prone to have “such kind of disease outbreak” and the department officials has reminded to the villagers to co-operate with the department to vaccinate their animals timely in order to prevent the disease outbreak, the department release said the department is prepared to extend services to any outbreak of diseases in animals and requested everyone to come and report to the nearest Veterinary Health Centre for timely intervention “by the department qualified staff, rather than, making publicity through other means to control the outbreak of animal diseases.” (Page News Service)