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Brief Biography of Hon’ble Shri Lutjakai Kuki Ex.IBM

Hon’ble Shri Lutjakai Kuki Ex.Interim Body Member (IBM) of Nagaland is the S/o Late Pu Paokholen Haokip Kuki & Late Pi Hatsy Kuki Chief of Holkang (Halalo) Village. He was born on 16th June 1931 and was Baptized on 30th January 1950 under the hands of Rev.Kenise Zeliang at his home village, ‘Holkang’ (Halalo now under Peren Dist.) In 1956, he married Ms.Veikhongah Haokip in a modest matrimony with whom he ultimately bore 5 children. Unfortunately, his wife left for her eternal home in 1982 and in 2003, the eldest son expired after a prolonged illness. God blessed him with a 2nd wife Mrs Kimjahat with whom he bore one son. Presently, he has 2 sons and 3 daughters, with grand and great grand children totaling to 32 . His second son (now eldest) is an-ordained Pastor serving the Lord along with his wife, who is also an ordained pastor. His 3rd son married and was blessed with four children. To this day, God has still shown benevolence to Lutjakai as he still resides with his youngest son’s family at his own established home in Ahthibung Town.
A brief testimony of his life and achievements.
Hailing from a chieftain family of Holkang (Halalo) Kuki Village (now under Peren District), he can read and write though no proper education system was available then. Unfortunately, he could not study further. He was always concerned for the welfare of his villagers and people who were in a state of destitution and in dire need of help. As a God fearing young leader, he was persistently present with the elders and chiefs and took an influential part in all their decision makings.
1. He became one of the Honourable Interim Body Member of Nagaland who represented the Kukis in 1961-63. Thereupon, he is one of the pioneer members for the creation of a full-fledged state-hood called ‘Nagaland’,which was inaugurated on 1st December ,1963 by the then President of India Shri. S. Radhakrishnan to be the 16th State of the Indian Union. Co-incidentally Nagaland Govt had 16 recognized inhabitant tribes and it was during this transitional period that the 16th Point Agreement was reached and ultimately signed between the Naga leaders and the Govt of India.
2. He became the founder of Ahthibung, the only Kuki Town of Nagaland which was established in 1958, and his family was the first to settle.
He built the 1st bungalow with CGI sheet roofing in 1965, which stands till today in the heart of Ahthibung Town.
3. He is one of the founding members of Zeliang-Kuki Public Organization (ZKPO) that initially demanded Peren sub-div. to become a full-fledged district in the l980s.
4. He was one of the founding members of Peren College in the 1980s.
5. He was elected as Chairman of United Democratic Front (UDF) Ahthibung Area, Nagaland between 1975-1980.
6. He became the 1st Elected Town Committee Chairman of Ahthibung Town Committee, which was established in the year 1982, after an-administrative office of Area Superintendent was upgraded to the status of Circle Officer (CO).
7. He continued to serve as Ad-hoc Town Committee Chairman of Ahthibung Town for 3 consecutive terms.
8. He is an ardent spiritual leader who devotedly puts his trust in Jesus Christ. He was elected as the area chairman of the Kuki Baptist Association Nagaland in the 1970s (a religious organization). During his tenure, KBA Ahthibung Area duly received recognition.
9. He took an active part in the developmental activities in Ahthibung Town, in order to uplift and succor the people in different capacities till the present day.
10.He constructed several link roads, bridges and culverts including all Govt. buildings in Ahthibung town and its surrounding areas. He was a renowned Government contractor under Peren sub-div. since 1965 till the late 1990s.
11. His sincere, reputable and extensive contribution to the citizens of Nagaland was duly recognized and honoured by the DAN Govt. headed by Honble Shri. Neiphiu Rio, the Chief Minister of Nagaland on the 50th year of Nagaland State-hood Celebration at Kisama on 1st December, 2013, in the presence of the Chief Guest, his Majesty Shri Pranab Mukerjee the then President of India.
12. As a renowned Govt. contractor and suppliers of Ahthibung Area, some of his contract works, constructions & supply works are cited below:
1) Constructed Buildings of (NAP)Coy head quarters at Ahthibung Town (Presently occupied by ARs}
2) Govt.High School Building at Ahthibung Town
3) Veterinary Office with its Quarters in Ahthibung town
4) EAC Quarters, Ahthibung Type IV, Govt. Building, Ahthibung
5) PWD Quarters & Renovations at Ahthibung Town
6) Public link Roads and RCC link steps, and several culverts and wooden bridges, supplying wood and planks at several needy areas in Nagaland.
7) Wooden bridges between Peren & Ahthibung in the late 1980s.
Presently, he is 87yrs old and lives with his wife, children and grandchildren at his hometown- Ahthibung, in Peren District, Nagaland.
PS. Honourable Shri Lutjakai Kuki Ex.IBM is the founding Father of Ahthibung Town and also the patta Land donor of ELIYAH MAICHAM Ahthibung Town. He is a living witness to the overall developmental activities from the very beginning of the Township establishment of Ahthibung and Govt administered authority Area Superintendent (A.S) in 1971, A.S. to Circle Officer (C.O) in 1982 inaugurated by Hon’ble Shri Kihoto Hollohon Minister, in 1985 Govt.of Nagaland Approved Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC) in place of Circle Office, and the 19th December 2017 upgradation to Sub-divisional Civil status inaugurated by Hon’ble Shri T.R.Zeliang, the then Chief Minister of Nagaland.
Though the then KIN and program organizers marginally failed to acknowledge his sacrifices and contribution to the society & Ahthibung on this red letter day 19/12/2017, we hold no grudges against them and have forgiven them in Jesus’ name. We, the family members are profoundly thankful to Mr.Abraham ,ZKPO representative for acknowledging his contributions to Ahthibung and its area by presenting him a chief’s RED shawl with words of appreciations. We pray that God strew blessings upon ZKPO for their generosity.
It is an immensely gratifying moment for the citizens of Ahthibung area and the family in particular that Hon’ble Shri Lutjakai Kuki Ex.Interim Body Member still lives to witness the establishments of Ahthibung from the very beginning till the day SDO(Civil) was inaugurated.
We the family members and the citizens of Ahthibung have consistently witnessed God’s unceasing love and blessings upon us through the years.
Thus we serenade with a cheerful heart and a reverberating voice –
‘To God be the glory… Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Amen!
May the love and bountiful blessings of God be with you all.
2nd son of L.Haokip Ex.IBM Ahthibung

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