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Bridging gaps: A peep into KROS College

KROS college

Temjen Yanger
KOHIMA, JUNE 24: KROS College, Kohima, has announced that it will provide free admission and scholarship to economically underprivileged students in Nagaland.
On Thursday, the College’s Head Assistant, S Hera Singh explained to Nagaland Page how the KROS seeks to bridge the gap between the marginalised sections of the society and quality education.

After it was founded in 2010, the College had been following the practice of allowing free admission although the figure was negligible then, informed Hera.
However, with the advent of the pandemic, the College, under the aegis of the KROS Education Society (KES), which is essentially the managing board of the College, has decided to be more pro-active in its approach towards ensuring quality education for students under the consideration that everyone is going through a tough time because of the pandemic.
Hera informed that KES fact-checks and verifies the eligibility of a student for benefits of various nature, and if it deems that support to a particular student must be continued, then a beneficiary may not pay through the whole six semesters.
Depending on the circumstances of the student, the College goes to the extent of allowing free lodging at the hostel for both boys and girls located within the College campus, he informed.
Besides giving free admission to a particular section of students, KROS also grants scholarships to students on the basis of merit as well as the financial condition of a particular student.
The Head Assistant also clarified that the scholarship is not at all related to the one given by the State Government.
KROS grants its own scholarship by way of remitting the tuition fee.
Also, a recipient of the scholarship will be selected by the managing board of the College, basing either on merit or the financial condition of the student concerned.
In this regard, there can be multiple recipients of the scholarship from both the merit category as well as the economically weaker section of the society, he added.
While the College’s announcement to remit tuition fees and give free admission to students may have made the news this time around, even last year with the advent of the pandemic, KROS had given free admission to all the students, said Hera.
It had also relaxed the tuition fees of 20 students from the 2nd, 4th and 6th semester for 3 months.
Again, tuition fees for 15 students from the 2nd, 4th, and 6th semester were relaxed for 2 months, followed by 1 month relaxation of tuition fees for 30 students from the 3 even-numbered semesters.
Apart from relaxing the tuition fees of the students, the College had also fully sponsored 6 students last year.
These 6 students were only obligated to pay for their admission fees after which the College sponsored their course fees, informed the Head Assistant.

He also explained that the College had given re-admission to all its students last year owing to the pandemic.
Here, if a student was given free re-admission for the 2nd or 4th semester, the succeeding semester will be considered as having paid for by dint of having re-admitted for free in the preceding year.
While KROS College may only be 12 years old, it has already attained Grade ‘B’ accreditation from the National Assessment and Accreditation Committee (NAAC) in 2017.
True to its motto ~ Dedicated to prosperity, to search for academic excellence ~ KROS College, Kohima, has set a benchmark for educational establishments of Nagaland by announcing it will give free admission and scholarship to economically underprivileged students in these rather grim times.
KROS is the abbreviated form of the name of its owner Keviziezolie and his late wife Rokovino and the family surname, Suohu.
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