Sunday, April 11, 2021

BRIDGE training held in Peren District

Dimapur, April 11: Under the aegis of the Chief Medical Office, Peren District, Boosting Routine Immunization Demand Generation (BRIDGE) training for ASHAs, AWWs and ANMs was held in Peren district from February 27 and culminated on March 30. The objectives of the training was to equip the trainees to effectively mobilize parents/communities for routine immunization (ri), deliver key messages on ri and new vaccines introduced, improve vaccine confidence and reduce vaccine hesitancy among communities by answering their concerns effectively, use a planning template to prepare a village-level communication plan and to track children and especially dropouts and left-outs and follow-up on immunization.
The training was led by Dr. Nukshisangla Jamir, District Program Officer UIP/RCH along with Pezanguno Celine, District Media Officer and Sekholu Ringa, District Community Mobilizer. The training was held in all the four block, batch wise under Peren District. Altogether 208 participants were trained.
The training was scheduled accordingly with 9 sessions per batch where each session is specifically designed to present and address the specific topic. All the sessions were done with power point presentation and BRIDGE films were flashed to the trainees for better communication and understanding. The training focuses more on interactive session’s in order to clear doubts and also to ensure the trainees participation.
Dr. Nukshisangla Jamir, District Program Officer UIP/RCH during the trainings ensured to give a proper explanation of all the importance vaccines for RI and also adverse event following immunization.
The training also focused on the importance of communication – inter personal communication: three approaches to communication: one-to-one or interpersonal communication, conducting small group meetings and community meetings and advocating with local influencers for mobilizing community participation and the importance of supportive supervision, a supportive approach.
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