Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Bridge gap

We know that peace is fundamental to continuation of the system that is ensuring stability and social order in our lives. For it is the lone factor that has enabled nations to prosper in all fields including economy. Across the territory of this vast and diverse nation, peace remains fundamental. If we wish to continue the progress made over decades, all efforts to ensure the continuity of peace must be streamlined. The absence of peace for different reasons creates a divide in the ways we evolve. In spite of the constitutional guarantee of equality, the gap has persisted amid efforts to eradicate the same. Take for example Nagaland; it has seen so much violence for decades. In an atmosphere as such even the best of governance makes no good, for peace and prosperity go hand in hand. Various events over its history have prompted a violent response only to add fuel to what already was a terrible situation to arise from. All this can be credited to lack of efforts to propagate peace as an alternative that finds solution in a violent response. Various leaders in the state, including the Governor, the Chief Minister, and Ministers & Advisors as well as bureaucrats and civil society leaders have also stated that peace is a must for the advancement and achievement of the fullest potential of our state. When peace sustains, development follows, they had stated. In fact the cornerstone has to be peaceful environment, that’s when all sectors show progress ensuring public welfare that’s accessible to every individual of the state. In the absence of peace on ground, both governance and the government cannot work smoothly, for there’s an increased disconnect between governors and the governed. The area of commonality doesn’t exist in an environment of insecurity and it’s something that can’t be manufactured. It can be said that our state is of late undergoing historical changes. And it’s essential to supplement the process of reformation by focusing on the educational movement to promote concept of peace and its post implementation benefits. The idea is to transform the beliefs of youth who have been imprisoned by the narrative of old school thought, promoted by those who hold differences with the prevalent system. More similar to the mainland, the atmosphere of peace has to be ensured to empower the youth, to ensure them a prosperous future that shall narrow the disparity among the parts and populations of the nation. It’s to be realized that people are often victims of the situations they are brought up in. To be able to do this, education sector has to be empowered. And the responsibility of the reformation rests with the teaching community, who continue to be the most communicative group of the society especially among youth. As they primarily deal with youth, they hold the experience, and control the environment in which children are brought and taught. Teaching community, especially at school and college level, should be engaged to fulfill this objective. They’re to be given the responsibility of restoring faith in stability. It has to be no chest beating of nationalism but an honest attempt to change the prevalent mindset with the realization of the fact that it’s naturally constructed over decades. To be specific about the environment they control, the best way to impart peace narrative is to ensure practical display of cooperation and friendly behavior. Youth, in this case the students’ shall be empowered to guide the rules of game. The dictatorship like attitude prevalent in the current educational set up has to be replaced with student centric mechanism. It’s logical that we humans tend to generalize the experiences. However, caution is to be maintained while distinguishing between the teaching community and the administration associated with it. Teaching community requires a well designed study material and more importantly they’re to be trained for behavioral study and management. With scientific assistance the government must take the much required steps; to erase the gap that continues to exist decades after independence. It’s time to put an end to the painful experience as they cease to exist now.