Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Brainwonders opens branch in Dimapur

Dimapur, November 9: Brainwonders, which claims to be the largest organization in the field of psychometric test for identifying potentials in the academic field for school going students and youth in the world, on Saturday made its presence in Dimapur with the inauguration of one of its branches here at Tajen Ao Road.
It was formally inaugurated by clinical psychologist Easther Imsong, who also happens to be the manager of MARCOFED and founder of IPCER Counseling Training Institute. She was the special guest for the occasion.
Speaking about the coming up of the new facility in city, Easther, an expert in mental health and counseling and working in the field for more than 10 years now, said that in the state youths are confused when it comes to career counseling and cited her own example of how she carried on with degrees that she wasn’t interested on till she took up psychology.
“Glad that it came up,” she said and continued that in the state, career counseling is mishandled as on expert psychologists in this field should counsel the youths instead of everyone and explained that with the Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test, Brainwonders will reveal the unrecognised abilities and qualities of a person and then the process of counseling can start based on the results.
She explained that the test can be done even on children and encouraged everyone to start investing in their child’s future.
Neena Dutta, principal of St. Mary’s School in her brief speech said that this is the need of the hour as children have many talents but they don’t know which the best is for them, and if the test results are in contrary of what the parents have been hoping for, they need to understand.
Previously, Reeme Deb in her welcome address had mentioned that there is a close correlation between fingerprints and brain lope and the fingerprints can interpreted to get detail information about a child.
“Through this test we are able to know your child inborn natural gift and talent. Not many of the parents know their child learning style. It is very important for parents to know the right learning style for a child,” she said. (Page News Service)