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Bottomline: Can Nagas unite with a divided Naga Hoho?


Dimapur, December 2: The divide within the Naga Hoho, the proclaimed apex body of the Nagas, continues to get wider by the day even as the cry for Naga unity from the masses gets louder.
In an irony of sorts, the Naga Hoho today remains split into two factions, whereas unity among the different factions of the Naga underground groups – a cause which the hoho had espoused for a long time – has somewhat been achieved with the coming together of 5-6 Naga groups under the banner Working Group, Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) and engaging in peace talks with Government of India as a united body.
Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio was right on the mark when he said that Nagas are divided among themselves. “Individual pride has become more important than Naga pride. I believe the leaders and politicians are at fault for not bringing social reformation,” Rio had said recently.
So is Naga unity possible, even with a divided Naga Hoho? The leaders of both factions of the Naga Hoho need to do some serious introspection before Naga society get further disintegrated.
“Nov 28 NH federal assembly invalid”
Meanwhile reacting to the November 28 federal assembly of the Naga Hoho in which the tenure of the outgoing team of the hoho was extended for three months till a new leadership is instated, two leaders of the rival Naga Hoho group, Advisor, Keviletuo Kiewhuo and Speaker Kenyusen Tep said all decision taken in that federal assembly is “invalid and tantamount to usurp of the constitution and tribes authority”.
“This is to make the people know the truth about the twist of events to promote misunderstanding amongst the Naga tribes. The constitutional provisions of the Naga hoho was fully violated and illegal methods adopted to protect the hoho officials,” the two NH officials said in a statement.
“The blatant act to nullify the constitution and suite the controversial leaders is a ploy to drive away the tribes so that those at helms can retain positions without tribe hohos participation. The dissociated units have their genuine reason which needs to be addressed seriously but it seems that position of certain officials are more important than the tribe hohos.”
The statement said the recent presidential meet converted into federal assembly without proper representation of the tribe hohos indicates vested interests and violates the basic tenets of the constitution and disregard to its principle of oneness. “There’s laid down rules and procedure for calling a Federal Assembly (FA) and certain decorum are needed.”
“No official can summon or preside over the federal assembly without the knowledge of the speaker. All decision taken on 26th November 2018 is invalid and tantamount to usurp of the constitution and tribes authority. It is explicitly clear that only a federal assembly has the power to extend the tenure of the executive council. But the unconstitutional gathering with individual interest extended the tenure of EC, whereas they are supposed to demit office,” the statement said.
Terming it as “perplexing to notice that the general secretary and finance removed as the Angami and Chakhesang has disassociated”, the statement said. “Whereas the president, vice president and secretary for cultural affairs are retained when the said three officials tribes has done the same much before the two tribes. Moreover, the speaker whose tribe was still in hoho was targeted. It’s crystal clear that the motive was for promoting individual person than the collective will of the Naga people.”
“The reason for hoho problems started with the same issue and we have inherited it without knowing the sentiments of the tribes. It’s up to the tribes to decide the destiny of our people and not officials of NH nor the unauthorized person who impersonated their tribes without the tribes endorsement,” it said.
“It’s unfortunate that those officials who are not member of Naga Hoho still upstage and illegally manipulates the office of Naga Hoho. Such arrogance and deceitful maneuvering demands appropriate rectification through a constitutional federal assembly to be summoned by the speaker at the earliest possible time,” the statement added. (Page News Service)