Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Book titled “Arishir mongchen” released in Kohima

Arishir mongchen

Kohima, April 16: An Ao book entitled “Arishir Mongchen” (Secret of Healthy Long Life) authored by retired Deputy Director Nursing Meyisongla was released by senior pastor of Kohima Ao Baptist Arogo (KABA) Rev. M. Asangba Longkumer at Ura Hotel Kohima here this evening.
This is the 2nd edition with 2000 copies, edited and published by Dr. Tali Imsong Ao and Dr. T. Temjen of Knowledge foundation.
Speaking on the excerpt of the book, the 80 years old, Meyisongla said that she was inspired to write this book comparing the present societal context wherein many Naga men folk die early forcing womenfolk to live as widows.
This provoked her to do research and do analysis to get some finding, she said, adding that the book talks about how to live longer and healthier life especially for the men folk living in the rural areas.
According to her, in Naga society men folk usually live shorter life than women due to various unhealthy life style and food habits. She said this book tells about how to grow old gracefully and focus on the body changes of ageing – the physical health, healthy food intake, on medical plants, issues of diabetes, blood pressure, healthy habits, positive sound mind and others.
Interested person may contact the author at 8131009900 for the book. (Page News Service)