Friday, July 19, 2024

Book on “Ashu Igha Phuwo Ghili” released


Dimapur, August 1: A book on Ashu Igha, the first settler of Ighanumi Village “Ashu Igha Phuwo Ghili” authored by Saikha Zhimomi with the consent of Ighanumi Village Council was released on July 29.
The book was officially released by Sümi Hoho President, I Nikheto Zhimomi at Ighanumi Village Community hall. Zhimomi said, Ighanumi being the ancestral Village of the Sümis, releasing this book will enlighten the younger generation and Sümis in general to know about their roots and past history.
SH President said Nagas do not have written records and everything was passed down to generation by word of mouth for this very reason we are losing our history, in this scenario publishing this kind of book will immensely benefit Sümis and Nagas in general.
Zhimomi also reminded the people of Ighanumi to preserve and protect the flora and fauna of Ashu Igha village so that it will help researchers tracing their roots and history, at the same time will attract visitors and tourists which will benefit the Village.
(Page News Service)