Sunday, May 9, 2021
Page Mail

‘Blatant exhibition of intellectual bankruptcy’

Dear Madam,
Any political outfit holds every right to politically compete with Congress on electoral front or dwell with the Gandhis through logic. But the concerned outfits and their supporters hold absolutely no right to mock the electorate of India by constantly dubbing Congress as a “dynasty”! They must remember that just like BJP which is ruling the nation by virtue of the mandate offered by the people through free and fair election; Congress had similarly enjoyed it’s stint in the Centre by virtue of the free will of the people only! In several states also; Congress is ruling through the votes of people only. So by dubbing Congress as “dynasty”; the particular outfits regularly humiliate not only the intellect and free will of the Indians who had elected Congress or vote in favour of it(irrespective of result), but also pose barbaric assault on the pillars of electoral democracy.
It must be remembered that the “dynastic” leaders enjoyed power in the Centre not through the might of the sword, but vide the exercise of universal adult franchise as enshrined in the Constitution. Still if it gets continuously propagated that “dynasty” is/was at work, shouldn’t it be deduced as a supreme insult to the intelligence of the common Indian people? It is indeed bizarre to notice the blatant exhibition of intellectual bankruptcy, filth and character-assassination in the Indian polity bearing zero respect to anything logic or sane!
Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata-114.