Monday, April 19, 2021

Blame game

It has become a trend to blame government school teachers for all the woes in the state education system. Common man apart, the ministers and the administration under whose nose the government schools are functioning are seen speaking against government teachers, particularly during the time of HSLC results. Possibly, people deem it their obligation to malign the face of a teacher because, as they think, all the damage is being done by the teacher alone. Yes, results of most government schools in HSLC exams had been shocking to say the least, but have we also analyzed the underlying reason behind such results? As per reports, most government schools that recorded nil results in the last HSLC exams had less than 10 students or so. Well, for schools having only one student in class 10 can have either 100% result or obviously 0%. The question is why the high schools run by the state government have such a meager roll where as the private schools of the same cadre are flooded by students who mostly come from the families of the people who run the government. How can one expect the government schools with poor infrastructure to compete with top private schools having all amenities? Ironically these elite schools have always been patronized by the state administration because their own kids are enrolled there. In fact, it is a sort of class system. The young ones of poor and average families shall go to the government schools and those of rich background must have separate schooling. Where do our government employees kids go to? It is a question the answer of which is known to all. It does not stop here. By preferring the private schools to government institutions, they already have rejected their own system of education. There are also many government officers who run their own educational institutions just to earn money. In such a situation how far the administration is justified in putting the blame on the shoulders of a teacher alone? The cream of the upcoming generation is enrolled in private schools and the cast out lot is thrown to the government teacher. How can he cut a diamond out of an iron ore….? Sure, we cannot deny that there is lack of commitment towards their profession among many government teachers. To them and to the State education bosses, we can ask: What do they do with their degrees and other training imparted at State-run institutions? Clearly the administrators have to come out of the cozy offices and administer the system beyond the old-style explanations, suspensions, attachments and frequent transfer industry. State education sector cannot hide its face behind crumbling school buildings, faulty administration and mismanagement. Instead, it should openly take responsibility and introspect for its failures. When we talk of government schools some 30 years ago, the situation was not disappointing at all although the human resources were not as developed then as are right now. However, there were certain factors responsible for the good results of those days. Students of the grades A, B, C or D; all were enrolled in government schools as there was no network of private schools flourishing at that time. The competition among the students was at high. But when the administration granted easy permissions to run private schools, the things started deteriorating in government schools. At present even the smallest village in the state has a private school posing an uphill challenge to the local government schools. The point is criticizing and punishing teachers is not the solution. The authorities that way can do no good to education. It might be a political stunt as well, as the authorities feel guilty and the teachers are just made the scapegoats. No more politics please in the name of education. Let the government do one thing: make it mandatory for all the government employees, whether in bureaucracy or anywhere else, to send their children to government schools and then see the results. Yes, there is another option left with the administration; either close all the private schools or privatize the whole education.