BJYM organizes Youth Parliament in Dimapur


Dimapur, September 30: The Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) Nagaland State organized a Youth Sansad (Youth Parliament) today at Pranabananda Women’s College, Dimapur.
Assistant Commissioner, N Bhavani IAS (P) and Ani Yepthomi, Director Junior High, Livingstone Foundation Higher Secondary School, Dimapur were the speakers who respectively spoke on the topics, “Women Empowerment and New India” and “Role of Youth in the making of New India.”
Addressing the audience mostly comprised of PWC students, Bhavani said that women in Nagaland are getting more privilege in terms of education. She said there was no female infanticide or dowry system in Nagaland while it is prevalent in many parts of the country.
She said education, which is equally imparted to the girl child in Nagaland, is a great tool towards women empowerment but regretted that not a single women is being represented in the state assembly or parliament currently.
She felt it was important to have women legislators who can frame policies suiting the needs of women because only women can properly understand the needs of other women.
“Girls being equally educated, you have to stand for your rights” Bhavani said and pointed out that a lot of Naga women were being trafficked through unwise use of social media platforms.
Bhavani said, “In Nagaland, people don’t report much to the police regarding harassment to women and other crimes against women”.
She said that anti-social elements were mostly targeting college girls for enslaving them into flesh trade, Bhavani cautioned the students to be aware of such traps.
She also discouraged girls from inculcating the habit of chewing tobacco saying that oral and oesophagus cancer was most prevalent in Nagaland as per records from government hospitals. She observed that medical facility relating to cancer has a lot to be improved upon in the state and advised the students to better prevent acquiring such diseases.
“Such health issues are existent here but there is lack of proper awareness” Bhavani said. She later responded to queries from the students.
Ani Yepthomi, in her presentation, urged the students to have feelings for those less privileged and experience the joy of giving. “You don’t need position to serve or show kindness to fellow beings” she said. She also urged the students to know who they are and what they want to become. “We are all unique in our own ways and we should fulfil the highest and truest experience of a human being” she said.
Ani noted that our society is failing because we are not consistent in what we do and advocated consistency in all our endeavours.
“Be humble but not timid, be proud of your achievement but not arrogant and be kind” she said. Ani encouraged the students to work hard and see that they succeed not just for themselves but for the society too.
Ani said the biggest reward for us is not the financial benefits but true reward is when you are able to touch people whom you have impacted and let your legacy live beyond.
Principal, PWC, Uma Bhowmick also exhorted the girl students not to feel lesser than the male counterparts. “Women are physically weak but mentally strong” she said. She said the mindset of both gender has to be changed for women to be empowered. “Women should not feel themselves weak but you should help yourself first” she said.
BJYM President Nagaland, Benjamin Yepthomi was also present at the programme. (Page News Service)