BJP will identify illegal immigrants in country if it wins 2019 polls: Amit Shah


New Delhi, September 23: BJP president Amit Shah on Sunday said that his party will identify illegal immigrants living in the country if it wins the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
Speaking at Purvanchal Mahakumbh organised by Delhi unit of the party, Shah also accused Congress president Rahul Gandhi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of using vote bank politics while protecting illegal immigrants.
The BJP cheif referred to illegal immigrants as ‘termites’ and said that these infiltrators are causing trouble in Delhi. Speaking at a rally he said, “After forming the government in 2019, the BJP will undertake a nationwide identification of illegal infiltrators living in the country.”
Shah accused Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal of protecting illegal immigrants living in the country.
“The illegal infiltrators are acting like termites in this country. They are also causing problems in Delhi. Action against them should not worry any patriot,” Shah said.
“But, whenever we take action Rahul Baba and Kejriwal start complaining. They care for illegal infiltrators because of vote bank politics,” Shah said.
Shah asked Gandhi and Kejriwal to clear their stand on the issue of illegal immigrants.
Shah on Saturday had similarly termed illegal infiltrators as ‘termites’ at a rally in Jaipur. He further stated that he will remove them from voters’ list. Speaking at a public meeting in Sawai Madhopur district’s Gangapur on Saturday, Shah said, “BJP sarkaar ek-ek ghuspaithiye ko chun-chun kar matdata suchi se hatane ka kaam karegi.”
There has been increasing demand from many BJP leaders that an exercise should be undertaken in the rest of the country to identify illegal immigrants. The demand comes following the ongoing National Register of Citizens (NRC) process in Assam. (Agencies)