BJP wants Lok Sabha seat for support

BJP wants Lok Sabha seat for support

Sangh likely to remote control Govt in Nagaland

Kohima, March 4: Even as the NDPP-BJP alliance appears strong on paper, the BJP has reportedly not shut out the NPF with the saffron bargaining over the lone Lok Sabha seat vacated by Neiphiu Rio.
Sources said the BJP is still bargaining with the NPF and the NDPP over the Lok Sabha seat before giving the go ahead for the formation of a new Government in the State. Sources added that both NPF and NDPP are offering the Lok Sabha seat to the BJP to form the Government.
NPF which had ridiculed the BJP for being anti-minority and anti-Christian throughout its election campaign said its door is still open for the Lotus party to form the new Government.
NPF is part of the BJP led Government in Manipur and supports BJP led NDA Government at the Centre. It is also giving out signals that the party might withdraw support to the BJP Government in Manipur if the saffron party ditches NPF in Nagaland.
But whichever party eventually forms the Government, it is likely to be remote controlled by the BJP and Hindu right wing organisations.
BJP said it will not break pre-poll alliance with the NDPP, but NPF sources said saffron party is still in touch with them to reach an understanding.
State Unit President, Visasolie has written a letter to the Governor extending support to NDPP for forming the new Government. JD(U) which has extended support to the BJP expressed hope that the Lotus party will ally with the NPF to form the Government. JD(U) source said post poll agreement with the NPF still stands valid.
The party said it will swing with the BJP and not with the NDPP.
In this connection the JD(U) has written a letter to the Governor informing its decision to support the BJP in government formation.
“Presently the JD(U) party has decided to support the Bharatiya Janata Party which is determined to provide a stable government to the people of Nagaland. This letter of support is also taken in consideration and to safeguard the interest of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) at the Centre under the Prime Ministership of Narendra Modi and the National President Amit Shah of the BJP where the JD(U) is in alliance with,” JD(U) State Unit President added.
NDPP led alliance has now 32 Members – NDPP-18, BJP-12, JD(U) and Independent one each, while NPF has 26 and NPP-2. But NPP which has signed an agreement with the NPF is yet to take a final call.
NPP in a letter to Governor Acharya said it will have alliance with the NPF and cautioned the two Members of taking any unilateral decision.
“The Country is governed by the Anti-Defection law provided for by the tenth Schedule of the Constitution that seeks to mandate morality in politics. The party issues party Tickets and the party ensures the success of the candidates in elections. MLAs are therefore bound by the whip of the parties concerned,” State Unit President, Ato Yepthomi said.
He said in view of the position in law unless he as the president of the party decides otherwise his party will have alliance only with the NPF adding that any other declaration by the MLAs of NPP in regard to the exigency of the government formation will be ignored as invalid by the Governor.
Ato was a member of BJP before joining the new party.
A source said the two NPP Members have also extended support to NDPP.
Atleast for now newly elected MLAs are holed up in Hotel Vivor owned by Rio and Hotel De Oriental owned by Shurhozelie, in the State capital. (Page News Service)