Tuesday, September 26, 2023

BJP most visible party during pandemic: Arya


Dimapur, August 10: BJP National President of SC Morcha, Lal Singh Arya on Tuesday claimed that throughout the pandemic, the karyakartas all over the country served the people in numerous ways when other political parties were nowhere to be seen; and with the anticipated 3rd wave, he asked the party workers to ready themselves.

Speaking virtually as a Special Guest at the ‘Training-cum-Workshop of the District Health Volunteers’ here at Hotel Shilhouette, Kalibari Road in Dimapur, Arya said that there is a need to create an army of health volunteers who can go village-to-village and help people who need medical assistance, and encouraged the State unit to try to surpass its targeted 5000 volunteers.
He informed that by August 31, there is a plan to include more than 4 lakh volunteers nationwide and till now, more than 1.5 lakh such volunteers have already joined the campaign by registering online. The volunteers will be trained in four stages, according to Arya, which are national, state, district, and mandals.
During his speech, he credited PM Modi’s leadership for the development of COVID vaccines in 10 months, claiming that under other governments, it used to take 10 years for the development of a vaccine. He said that BJP believes in serving people through governance as well as through sangathan and lauded Modi’s implementation of nationwide lockdown, claiming that this way he saved lakhs of lives.
BJP State General Secretary, and Convener of the campaign for the State, Khevishe Sema stated that PM Modi’s decisions like demonetisation and others have been relentlessly opposed by the oppositions, but it became evident that people are with him and BJP when the party won more than 300 seats in the 2019 general election.
Echoing Arya, Sema said that the there are many political parties in the country, even in Nagaland, but it has always been BJP workers who are seen reaching out to the people.
Urging the people to get vaccinated, he said that 99% of the people dying by the virus are unvaccinated ones and blamed fake news peddled through social media for the perception that a section of the people has against COVID vaccines.
He was also critical of the people equating getting Aadhaar with the biblical symbol of 666 (number of the beast) and claimed that people are not getting even facilities like ration cards because of lacking Aadhaar.
Earlier, Basu Damani, State Executive Member of BJP, mentioned that the campaign is the pet project of Modi and it is the vision of the party to reach out to every village through it.

As part of the campaign, the volunteers will be trained successively first at district level and then and mandal level starting from August 11 and the trainings will continue till August 31. During the workshop, Dr. Nitin Aggarwal talked on the importance of immune boosting against COVID-19 while yoga instructor Orantsani Kikon talked about the importance of yoga to fight COVID-19.
The training-cum-workshop was attended by representatives from all the districts of the State.
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