Sunday, January 17, 2021
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BJP expresses gratitude to the people of Nagaland

Corona virus pandemic has disrupted our daily lives and brought our society to a standstill as in most parts of the world. And as COVID 19 continue to impact communities across our State, people have been coming together to help each other more than ever.
On behalf of BJP Nagaland, the State BJP President and Minister of H&TE,Tribal Affairs Govt.Of Nagaland Shri. Temjen Imna Along expresses his solidarity, support and gratitude to all those playing various roles, to protect the people of Nagaland and assisting those in need of help.
To all the Frontline fighters, ‘THANK YOU!’
BJP family is grateful to all those at the helm of decision making in the government, for timely and wise decisions taken to keep the citizens of Nagaland safe.
Thank you to all the Government servants who continue to battle the virus in various capacities on and off the field.
Thank you to all NGOs, Media houses for dissemination of daily updates on the latest ground zero reports, Churches, Communities, Villages, Organizations, individuals and enterprises providing relief, engaging in various charitable works all over the state and keeping vigil to maintain balance in such a time as this.
Thank you to all entities both in rural and urban areas for making much needed essential commodities available to the public.
Thank you to all those people waiving off house rents for tenants both in commercial and residential areas.
Thank you to all institutions, businesses and employers who continue to pay their staff emoluments despite lockdown.
Thank you to all the citizens of the country helping and taking care of stranded Nagas and our citizens who are away from home.
Our gratitude also goes out to all the citizens adhering to lock down regulations. Let us continue to do so and not become complacent. Nagaland in particular and the Northeast States in general has been noticed by leaders and layman all across the country as well as globally for our discipline and tenacity at this difficult hour.
The state president also expresses his gratitude to all the BJP workers who have been selflessly donating and contributing to the needy all over the State.
Our immense gratitude goes out to those who have been assisting BJP karyakartas in carrying out relief drives;without your help we wouldn’t have come this far.
The pandemic is not over yet by a long shot, and with no intention to cause distress; the worst may be yet to come. Therefore BJP Nagaland seeks continued cooperation, assistance and support from all Nagas and others residing in the State. COVD 19 has shown it’s capability to bring out the worst or the best in everyone of us.
Let us all pray and opt for the latter.
BJP Nagaland urges all citizens of the State to continue standing resolutely and unitedly in these trying times, for together we can!: we can change the trajectory of this pandemic.
God be with us all.
God bless Nagaland.
Jai Hind!

Nini Cheng,
State Co-Chief Spokesperson
BJP Nagaland.

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