BJP attempts to hijack Govt

BJP attempts to hijack Govt

NDPP getting bullied by BJP

Kohima, March 11: Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio may not like to chant “Jai Mata ki jai” but will have to one fine day if he wants to continue the political honeymoon with the BJP. In short Rio is at the mercy of the BJP again.
From day one the Hindu nationalist party has gone all out to remote control the NDPP led People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA), resulting in delay of allocation of portfolios to the newly appointed Cabinet Ministers. Reportedly Rio is unwilling to concede to the saffron’s demand of all important departments.
On March 8 last, Rio had told the mammoth gathering at the public ground in downtown Kohima that people will be their “high command” but it appears that BJP is going to be his high command.
The saffron party knows Rio is at their mercy for the second time; the first was in 2003 when BJP got 7 seats and supported the NPF to form the Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) Government.
The new Chief Minister and his alliance had given the lion’s share of Cabinet berth to the Lotus party, which got 6 Cabinet Ministers, but not satisfied they are now asking for all important big departments, except the Finance Department.
A source said BJP had also asked for the post of Speaker. Sources said BJP had even demanded for the Lok Sabha seat.
This is a clear case of trying to hijack the PDA government, sources said.
But BJP knows that they are the kingmakers and that Rio is just a puppet in their hands so far.
With the latest development in the PDA camp, all is not well in the alliance and anything can happen, as the new incumbent will like to have an alliance in which he will be comfortable in.
The NPF is closely watching the drama and has still not lost hope of forming the Government with likeminded parties.
Chief Minister, Rio also cannot afford displease his MLAs at the cost of BJP which can shift its allegiance anytime. The Cock party has not closed its door to the BJP.
NDPP source said BJP is demanding all the important departments, except the Finance, which Rio is not ready. Hectic consultations are going on to arrive at a meeting point but NDPP insider said the Chief Minister was unlikely to concede to the demands of the Hindu party.
Sources said BJP is demanding for 10 top departments, adding this Government may not last long.
BJP insider also admitted that the demand of their party has “crossed the limit out of greediness.”
“We will get what is our share,” another senior BJP leader said.
A NDPP insider was pessimistic about the PDA Government as BJP seems to be in a mode to drive the Government and Rio could become weary of such attitude. Very soon the NDPP is likely to get tired of the big brother role and the bullying tactics of the saffron party.
In politics anything can happen and it will not be a bolt from the blue if the NPF and NDPP come together again, in which case the BJP will have to pack its bag and leave. (Page News Service)


  • Reply Anonymous March 12, 2018 at 2:58 pm

    Why not NPF & NDPP

  • Reply STEVE KITHAN March 12, 2018 at 3:11 pm

    Yes NDPP+NPF will be a better option.

  • Reply Kaikha March 14, 2018 at 9:25 am

    If Nephio must do something at all he have to do it with NPF. Nephio as CM and TR. Zeliang as Speaker of MP.

    BJP have nothing to do with the Nagas. Nagas did not voted for BJP, who have nothing to do in the Nagas past, present or future.

    All Nagas must remember who we are? BJP have only one agenda and that is to saffronized everyone. This isn’t in the interest of the Nagas. Nagas are rainbow people to allow saffronization is an assault to our foundation.

    BJP = RSS who are trying to promote hinduvat. What do light have to do with darkness?

    Nagas must never allow BJP to take root in our soil or in our mind.
    We were taught of how foolish hunger lead to Esau sold of his birthright and he lost his inheritance.

    It is not a hatred to BJP but it is a response to the prevention of hinduvat menace disturbing the fabric Indian society across since 2014 has been on the rise.
    Nagas are freedom lovers and we will never compromise our freedom come what may. But BJP means end of our freedom.

    Nephio is going through that fight to be or not to be. Let me urge him to be a true Naga who is not for sale.

    Long Live the Nagas! Long Live Our Freedom!

  • Reply Kaikha March 21, 2018 at 8:21 am

    If Nephio must do something at all he have to do it with NPF. Nephio as CM and TR. Zeliang as Speaker or MP.
    People of Nagaland did not vote for disaster. To give even an inch to BJP is compromising Nagas ethos.
    Can Nagas sleep over what is happening in rest India.
    Saffronization should never be allowed. We are a rainbow people and single colouring of the Nagas is a taboo. Infact all Nagas must make it a point to never let Hinduvat elements take root in our soil or in our minds.

    Long Live the Nagas.

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