Monday, November 30, 2020
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BJP asked to fulfill ‘Election for Solution’ promise


Dimapur, February 8: Naga civil organizations, tribal bodies and various indigenous groups of Nagaland have demanded the BJP-government at the Centre to fulfill its much flaunted ‘Election for Solution’ promise that went a long way in the party winning a record number of seats in the last State assembly election.
In a joint representation to Prime Minister of India, Naga civil organizations, tribal bodies and indigenous groups of Nagaland today demanded that the BJP government at the centre fulfill its promise by brining a solution to Indo-Naga political issue before announcement of the general elections to the Lok Sabha in the country.
It may be recalled that almost all Naga organizations had demanded deferment of the 2018 assembly election in Nagaland under the slogan ‘Solution before Election’ creating an impasse in Naga society. “In the midst of tension and confusion, the national leadership of BJP came forward and convinced the Nagas with the assurance of ‘Election for solution’ that made the Nagas paved the way for Assembly election on time for the sake of solution and BJP now is a coalition partner in Nagaland Government,” the representation said.
In the representation, the Naga bodies said, “The uncertainties are looming larger in view of the last session of Parliament is to be concluded by the second week of February, 2019, and the Parliamentary election is to be announced in a couple of weeks thereafter, all the hopes of the Nagas fade into another spell of darkness with the apprehension that all these years of negotiation exercises may once again become the damp squib.”
The representation said Naga people hopes that the promise of BJP leadership on ‘Election for Solution’ will not be used as a tool to dupe the Naga public.
Having negotiated for years and months, there is obviously no justifiable reason for GoI to delay or fail to bring it to its logical end, it said.
The representation also reminded the PM of the representations submitted to him by various Naga tribal bodies and civil societies from time to time at New Delhi and during his maiden visit to Nagaland. “We, the Nagas, had collectively put forth our desire for an amicable and honourable solution to the issue of the century old Indo-Naga political and arm conflict under your benevolent leadership.”
The representation added: “Out of the ground realities, we are confident that Nagas are now ever ready to welcome and receive the outcome of the solution. It is worth adding that the very moment is the best opportunity to strike the deal when the ground is ripe,” it said.
Expressing belief and trust in his leadership, the representation prayed that the PM will not fail the Nagas but will rather fulfill all what was promised so that the Nagas will not be forced to feel betrayed.
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