Thursday, March 30, 2023
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BJP 38 Wokha AC condemns

Office of the BJP 38 Wokha AC takes strong exception of the brazen buying of ballot votes led by none other than the brother of 38 AC NCP candidate Y M Humtsoe and his agents who were caught red handed during the casting of postal ballots at GHSS Wokha on Tuesday. Huge amount of cash and other incriminating documents were found in their possession.
The party views this blatant disregard for Model Code of Conduct and act of bribery very seriously and will take all necessary measures to ensure free and fair election in the constituency.
In this regard, BJP 38 Wokha AC extend its appreciation to Wokha police department for their vigilant and swift action in nabbing the accused persons. The party is also thankful to BJP karyakartas for their role in exposing the modus operandi of NCP agents on Tuesday.
We further appeal to the district administration to take strict action against the accused persons as per law so as to discourage such nefarious activities in future by NCP workers.
The party also call upon all right thinking citizens of 38 AC to condemn the illegal activities perpetrated by NCP workers and not to be swayed by monetary enticements in true Christian spirit.
BJP 38 Wokha AC, while reiterating our stand for free and fair elections, earnestly appeal to both BJP and NCP supporters to abstain from violence and unitedly work for peaceful elections.
Issued by Hayibemo Ezung, Chief Agent of 38 AC Wokha BJP candidate