Friday, May 7, 2021

Bishu-mini hornbill festival underway

Bushu festival

Dimapur, January 27: The Bishu -Mini Hornbill Festival 2019 began today in Dimapur, which saw a participation of large number of people from the Kachari community showcasing their traditions and cultures.
Speaking on the occasion, Advisor, Tourism, Art & Culture, H Khehovi Yepthomi said that cultural festival celebrated by different tribes can attract tourists, which will in turn improve the economy of the tribes and the state.
He also emphasized on preserving the tradition and culture of the tribes and said all tribes have their own identity and culture which needs to be preserved. “Once we lose our culture and language, we will lose our identity,” he said adding, “We need to preserve what our forefathers have passed on to us.”
He said, “Our history and culture have been passed on orally by our forefathers and we do not have any written records. This tradition needs to be strengthened with the help of community elders.”
Stating that everyone talks about peace and harmony and love to preach love, Yepthomi said still there is problem and one needs to find out what the problem is.
He said, “We cannot love each other, we cannot bring peace, we cannot reconcile and live and we think somebody else will bring peace,” adding this has to start from within us.
He also called upon the community to make relationship with other tribes, neighbouring villages otherwise it would be difficult to bring changes.
He also assured the Kachari community of all help from his side.
DC Dimapur, Kevekha Kevin Zehol said that this is the first mini hornbill festival in honour and recognition of Bushu festival of the Kacharis.
He said festivals come and go and if one looks at Kachari or Naga festival most of the festival go around agricultural activities or are harvest festival.
Stating that though the state Government has come forward in organizing the festival of the Kacharis, Zehol said, “If we work hard, why should we have mini hornbill festival in Dimapur. We can have in respective villages in large scale so that tourists can come to you, which can also promote earnings for you and improve your economy.”
Vice President of Western Sumi Hoho, Nihokhe Awomi called upon the Kacharis to preserve their culture and identity and lauded the honesty and integrity of the people.
The day was marked by cultural performance from the Kachari as well as Naga tribes.
The two-day festival will culminate tomorrow. The second day of the festival will be graced by T Bangerloba, President, Naga Council Dimapur. There will also be literary competition on the day. (Page News Service)