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Bill for mandatory CCTV cameras in public spaces introduced in Assam Assembly

Guwahati, March 10: The Assam government on Friday introduced a bill in the state Assembly making it mandatory for installation of CCTV cameras in all spaces that have congregation of people to ensure public safety.
The owners of such spaces have to install the surveillance equipment within a stipulated period, failing which the premise may be sealed by local authorities, as per the proposed legislation.
“The Assam Public Safety (Measures) Enforcement Bill, 2023,” was introduced in the House by Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Ashok Singhal.
The statement of objects and reasons of the bill mentioned that the proposed act will serve as a bulwark against crime and through its enforcement, ensure public safety in areas like commercial places, industrial establishments, religious places, educational institutions, government buildings, sports complexes, residential buildings, etc.
The bill mandates the use of surveillance equipment, like CCTV cameras, as per specifications in spaces that see public congregation and the owner of such places have to install the devices.
The surveillance footage will have to be stored for 30 days and made available to the government as and when required.
These measures will have to be implemented within a year from date of commencement of the Act or before the next date of renewal of license in case of business establishment, whichever is earlier, as per the bill.
Failing to comply with the provisions will initially attract monetary fine for the first two months, after which the premise will be sealed temporarily by the authorities.
“The use of data available with the government from its own sources will assist in creating a safe public environment across the state,” the statement of objects and reasons added. (PTI)