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Bihar MLCs have no credentials, no right to talk about officers in Nagaland: Alemtemshi

Alemtemshi Jamir

“IAS, IPS discharge duties dutifully and DC LV Reddy was shot dead”

Nirendra Dev
NEW DELHI, JUNE 17: Close on the heels of a statement by BJP MLC Dilip Jaiswal that the files of 17 senior officers of Nagaland are under ED scanner, former Chief Secretary Alemtemshi Jamir on Saturday blasted the saffron party saying belittling IAS and IPS fraternity in Nagaland is unfortunate and unwarranted.
“Who is an MLC of all the places…from Bihar who is trying to pass adverse comments on the bureaucracy of Nagaland?” said Alemtemshi Jamir
“Firstly I think very strongly…knowing all things about bureaucracy and governance in Bihar, he has no credentials. Mr Dilip Jaiswal has no right to talk about bureaucracy in Nagaland”, said the former Chief Secretary who has worked closely with Chief Ministers Neiphiu Rio and SC Jamir.
“Most importantly, denigrating the IAS and IPS fraternity of Nagaland is just not fair. It is humiliating and adds insult to injury. Unlike mainstream India where bureaucracy and politicians have the luxury of peace, in Nagaland we all have gone through hell. The ’80s and ’90s were so fearful. We lost fraternity brothers. DC, Kohima, LV Reddy, a young officer was killed in 1995,” Alemtemshi told Nagaland Page over phone.
“The administration here in Nagaland is not like other parts of India…we are under terrible threats”, he pointed out.
Jamir also pointed out the killings of SP, Mokokchung, Ved Prakash and two other officers including another IAS officer and Akangyanger Aier, IPS, who was shot dead when he was ambushed near Padam Pukhuri also in 1995.
“See the most important feature has been that yet the IAS and IPS have kept working. We gave our sweat and blood for nation building and this is what someone has to say. We may take it up with the IAS Association also”, he remarked adding such statements from an ill-informed man and an office bearer of a national party is very “discouraging for officers discharging their professional duties”.
Answering questions, he said, “I was fortunate myself to survive…I was declared anti-Naga by some forces in 2007. But somehow we managed to survive and we managed to serve the State and the country.”
Moreover he said the MLC from Bihar spoke on matters he probably does not know. “The ED as a protocol and its working system never shares information about their activities and opening of files etc…This is not done”, Alemtemshi remarked.
Turning to the development front, he said, “It is often unpalatable when such BJP leaders speak a lot on development. In 1947, India was poor and an infant nation as an independent entity. But Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundation of a strong and modern India…But today the BJP leader and a MLC from Bihar says there was no development in the last 60 years and everything has been done and achieved in the last nine years.”
“The fact of the matter is BJP is only adding to what was already started and a foundation laid”, remarked Alemtemshi, adding under the Congress regime since the beginning a lot many things have been achieved including setting up of IITs and IIMs, medical colleges and space technology, etc.
To a question on how he viewed the Modi Government’s performance vis-à-vis turning India into 5th largest economy, the former Chief Secretary sought to make light of the towering claims and went on to say, “Yes, we ought to be on top on economy. It is true India is the 5th largest economy, but it is also true that India is the most populated country. But are our human resources being adequately used? “But it is also true and the BJP leaders should agree that the standard of people’s quality of life has not improved…it does not commensurate with the position of the 5th largest economy. And, what about rural India? People are still living the same way they were living a hundred years ago.”