Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Biggest problem in Nagaland is ‘groupism’: Temjen Imna


DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 20: Minister for Higher & Technical Education & Tribal Affairs, Temjen Imna Along today said that the biggest problem in the state at present is ‘groupism’, narrowing down to groups and sub-groups for mere agenda and added, “We need to avoid the groupism and narrow thoughts, rather our thoughts should be broadened for the benefit of all.”
Speaking at the first indigenous games organized by the Central Naga Students Association (CNSA) under the auspices of the Central Naga Tribal Council (CNTC) at DDSC stadium, he congratulated the CNTC and CNSA for organizing the first Naga indigenous games on the theme, “Fraternity”.
He said this is a transforming event for the CNTC where the indigenous games played by our forefathers are cherished and revived with great enthusiasm by all the participants.
On the theme, ‘fraternity’, he said one should be careful while being in the fraternity, it does not mean to narrow down oneself to one’s own tribes but to be forerunners, decisive and with persistent efforts mingle with other tribes and progress ahead in one’s endeavor.
“Society today is beset with big dreams without hard work and all tries to achieve success though any means. Such should be avoided. Rather we should be hardworking and persistent in our efforts”, he exhorted the gatherings.
He urged the students to keep their roots strong, and also maintain their unity, to inspire and encourage one another, to respect the values of our culture and traditions, and also help in promoting the rich heritage of the Nagas for the sake of the posterity”.
Temjen Imna also lauded the efforts of the CNTC for bringing together three major tribes within its fold.
“In this hard times Nagas have come together out to search their culture and traditions is laudable, otherwise we were lost in the web of nepotism, corruptions and tribalism”, he remarked.
Temjen said that simply wearing the Naga traditional dress, shawls, Mekhalas and jackets will not make one a Naga rather our deeds and actions should display the rich traditions of Naga cultures since time immemorial.
The welcome address was delivered by CNSA president, Himato Yeptho and the invocations was pronounced by pastor ABC, Diphupar N. Lipok Jamir.
President of the CNTC N. Matong Jamir also spoke on the occasion briefing on the functioning of the CNTC and the Naga indigenous games and ways to revive the Naga Culture and traditions.
In the indigenous games category- top spinning, Go- karting and Tug of war were competed amongst the players of the three tribes.
The Central Naga Students Association comprises of three Naga tribes – Ao, Sema and Lotha. (Page News Service)