Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Better parenting

Time and again it is being advocated that educating a girl child means educating a whole family, where as educating a male child means educating one person. This clearly signifies the need and importance of educating a girl child. Indian social setup in particular as a whole is indeed marching towards realizing the objective to impart quality education to children without any sex differentiation, to which it has succeeded to a greater extent. But, still there are significant issues that are being overlooked, for instance like sex and sex education to children. In fact, when it comes to their bodies and sex, our kids and their older counterparts can still learn a little something from the west. This is all the more relevant considering that kids are today reaching puberty at a younger and younger age. Yet due to varied reasons most youngsters here have little understanding of sex and are still not emotionally ready to deal with it. The reasons for this could be many. The subject as on date may not have harmed the interests of the society to a greater extent but of late it has started raising its head in the form of deviance among our young boys and girls, especially among teenagers, who have started venturing into intimate relationships at a very tender age, needless to say due to lack of imparting quality sex education. The point is imparting sex education to children is as important as any other education and imparting it to a girl child is more important in a sense, as educating a girl child means educating a unit of the society. A male child is somewhat open to discuss such subjects but it is not so when taken the case of a girl child. Among females the subject is still taboo for reason women not being backed by men to enter into any such discourse, which pertains to sex. We may have been talking about providing sex education to children in schools but despite our tall and high claims the fact remains in societies like India we are ashamed of discussing sex in public, not to talk about discussing it with our children. Sex education constitutes one of the important components of modern day education system and a child without sex education not just remain deprived of it but becomes more vulnerable to its hazards. Government along with number of other social organizations has been working towards imparting sex education, but still we have to go a long way in making it effective. Having said so, it doesn’t mean that responsibility completely lies only with the formal system of education, for parents do have to play their part, which is more crucial in shaping the behavior of a child. Parents of course are aware of their role and responsibility but are not fulfilling it the way it should have been. Means of informal education need to be revised and this is where parenting plays a decisive role in regulating child behaviour. On average a child spends nearly 12-15 hours daily in home with parents, so this or that way responsibility here directly lies more on the shoulders of parents. Informal means of education have to come into force to impart sex education to children in general and girl child in particular and this is where it is going to make a difference. Clearly, it appears the role of a family as an institution of socializing a child has reached its lowest ebb and this is not because we have shifted this responsibility to institutions of formal education but because somewhere we have forgotten our role and responsibility. Indeed it is high time that parents should deem parenting of their children their utmost responsibility; parents if on one hand are working tirelessly only because to see their children grow as responsible citizens with all reverence. Of what fun will be that everything and every effort which parents put behind their children if it results contrary to their aspirations and that too only for the want of better parenting?